Introducing: Tuff Love


Tuff Love are Glaswegian trio of Julie Eisenstein, Suse Bear and Michael O’Hara, who are signed to Johnny Lynch’s (aka The Pictish Trail) Lost Map Records. A good omen to begin with.

The Scottish trio shell out a sort of classic soft indie with a touch of grunge, punk and addictive fuzz pop. There tunes are sun-streaked and soaked with mesmerising rhythms, dreamy melodies and whispering vocals, with the latter adding a slightly shy or humble aspect to this dazzling, infectious and brilliance. While these are the intrinsic components of their sound, they can mix it up quite a bit, ensuring there’s nair a dull moment. Tuff Love are at their most muscular with ‘Poncho’, a track of beefy guitars and stout rhythms aplenty, while the trio hit full harmonic glory with ‘Sweet Discontent’ as the airy soft vocals float upon a delightfully bouncy guitar riff delightfully, and equally rhythmic percussion. Their pièce de résistance is the heart-racing racy crash and jangle of ‘Flamingo’, it is simply 2 minutes and 20 seconds of pop perfection with lots of summery shimmer amid the noise. A decidedly brilliant opening salvo from the Glaswegian trio which is only the taste of more to come, hopefully.

Tuff Love’s debut release, Junk EP, is out now on Lost Map Records. For now you can give some choice cuts the once over below.

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