Eugene McGuinness – ‘Fairlight’

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Everyone likes a surprise, well the good kind anyway. Eugene McGuinness has today released a new one-off single, ‘Fairlight’, which kind of came out of the blue this morning. 

‘Fairlight’ is the first new material from McGuinness since the release of album The Invitation To The Voyage last summer. It sees him continue to eek out a space (and perfect balance) between catchy pop and exhilarating indie. That said, ‘Fairlight’ is marked by a proliferation of further influences creeping in too, namely those of a psychedelic and krautrock disposition. The result is a spacey and hypnotic atmospheric number with a shimmering full-blooded sound, a swell of guitars, Arabian-inspired keys and the recognizable vocal prowess from McGuinness. On the surface it seems this is a stand alone, one off single but perhaps not. We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?

‘Fairlight’ is out today as a download from all the usual haunts. If you happen to be across the water, Eugene McGuinness will be playing a free show at ‘Birthdays’ in London on September 16th.

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