Freedom Fry – ‘Home’


Freedom Fry’s tracks ‘Summer In The City’ (2012) and ‘Hanging With The New Crowd’ (2013) were decidedly brilliant cuts of infectious, indie pop of the highest order, so it is a pleasure to have the French/American duo back with new material.

Their latest effort ‘Home’, an ode to LA, is the first fruits of their labour having being holed in their home studio working on a next release. ‘Home’ is suitably laid-back, slow-grooving and dreamy number, combining a sombre and breezy vibe with some sun-kissed tones, perfect for consumption on long lazy summer days. An irrefutably loveable track with a touch of the irresistible.

Seemingly there is a new EP in the pipeline, but for now, you can listen to ‘Home’ below and make up your own mind. If it is to your liking, you can pick it up from bandcamp.

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