Boxed In – ‘Run Quicker’


We dropped in on London based trio, Boxed In, late last year with the release of their excellent debut single, ‘All Your Love Is Gone’/’Legacy’.

Well, Oli Bayston & Co. are back again with a new single, ‘Run Quicker’, and they are sounding super exciting and vital once again. ‘Run Quicker’ is a driving alternative pop track ushered forward by pulsating motorik rhythms, meaty bass and crisp jaunty piano, and filled with a host of other organic sounds. It really does get going. Quite similar in essence to watching a blurry world flash by from a train window as it hurtles along through the countryside. All in all, it is an exhilarating blend of inspiration, taking in the motorik rhythms of Can and Neu!, and touch of 80’s new wave a la New Order.

‘Run Quicker’ is the first single taken from their debut album, which is out later this year. Meanwhile, ‘Run Quicker’ is out July 14th through Nettwerk Records. Check it & the video (directed by Sam Mason) below.

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