Introducing: Graham Cooney


Graham Cooney is a young folk singer and songwriter from Cork, who, working from the comfortable confines of his own bedroom, produces earthy folk songs that posses an incredibly intimate sound and offering a beautiful yet gritty modern take on the genre.

Although drawing from a breadth of influences what really marks his work is the brevity of emotion and his wistful way with melancholy and melody. Combined with an evocative lyrical turn, these songs rely as much on his words as they do the arrangements to conjure up an atmosphere of warm conviviality. The usual pitfalls and clichés are avoided like the plague. If it’s happy-clappy-folk-hi-jinx you require; look elsewhere. For here we have absorbing, consuming and splendid pastoral folk with a dash of Americana, which is simply perfect in it’s imperfection. From the dusty yet gently soothing charms of ‘The Weather’ to ‘Sin’, which combines a nimble strum and static hiss for the most tender and touching of ballads. ‘North Star’ meanwhile, intertwines all the aforementioned elements with some melodious melancholy for an unforgettable, wistful rendition. Only in the dawn of his career he may be but Cooney has already amassed a rather wonderful collection of material.

Cooney is currently working on a debut EP but for now, there are some choice cuts from his existing wonderful collection below.

Fort Romeau – ‘Insides’


London producer Fort Romeau has a new album called Insides due on March 31st through Ghostly, and ahead of what will be his second album, he’s released the title track to provide us with an appetizer.

‘Insides’ is a perfect example of what Fort Romeau does best. A wonderfully immersive, slow-burning late-night house jam, relaxed and focused in its mood, it is both restrained and beautiful in its repetition. It slinks by with whooshing noises, horns sound above some delicate keys and a smattering of skittering beats and undulating beeps, for a classy, smooth six-minute instrumental. ‘Insides’ has been on constant rotation throughout the past week and it has set the bench pretty damn high for the follow-up to his 2012 debut album Kingdoms.

Anticipating a lot from the new album which is due on March 31st via Ghostly. And for now? Just the not so small matter of the title track below and it’s quite a tune!

Jinx Lennon – ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’

Jinx Lennon is the epitome of a modern folk singer, influenced as much by post punk and hip hop. Awkward and real, raw and righteous in his mode, he comes armed with songs of raw truths that kick back against the humdrum and bullshit of modern life.

Jinx is unique. A national treasure to be exact and rightly described by Christy Moore as the most important Irish singer/songwriter in the past 10 years. Whether it’s played on a one string guitar or sampled disco beat and raw garage noise and blues, these are songs to blow apart the chains in your head. While Jinx is currently in his HQ working on songs for his next album, working title Keep Sane In The World of Eager Smiling Pricks, an excellent brand new video for ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’ has emerged. Originally released in late 2013, ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’, in a distinctly and brilliantly Jinx manner, tells a tale about people who find themselves in a tight spot and being driven to behaviour they probably never expected themselves to be part of, touting on people for working while on the dole. Extremely catchy, powerful and brilliant as usual. Let’s hope we’re graced by a new Jinx Lennon album at some point in 2015.

You can check ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’ below & purchase it from here.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Shirim’



French pop singer Melody Prochet, aka Melody’s Echo Chamber, is currently working on a follow-up to her sublime self-titled 2012 debut LP.

Where her debut album was made with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, the as-yet-untitled new album which will be out later this year, will be self-released and written and recorded by Prochet on her own. Ahead of the new album we’ve been treated to a new(ish) single in the shape of ‘Shirim’. Released late last year, ‘Shirim’ retains those hazy, psychedelic aesthetics of her debut while embracing a slightly more pop sound with some glittery textures mingling with fuzzy bass and funky riffs as Prochet’s light, inviting vocals are sublime as ever. With her debut LP Prochet struck a perfect balance between pop and the psychedelic, on the evidence of ‘Shirim’ at least, she would appear to be destined to repeat the trick once more.

There’s no date or title as yet for the second record but for now there’s ‘Shirim’. Stream it below.

Django Django – ‘First Light’

Django Django 2015

News of the imminent return of Django Django is cause for jubilation in itself, add to it a new single and suggestions that a new album is in the wings and we got cause for gleeful celebration (like those that accompany a stoppage time winner!).

This might seem a tad over the top but Django Django’s 2012 self-titled debut is (in my opinion) one of the finest records of recent years. Now the band have awoken from a fairly protracted slumber which has ensued since, with new single, ‘First Light’. Effortlessly catchy and upbeat, this is understated indie bursting with a slinky electronic groove and psychedelic flavours at its heart. Anchored by alluring sunny harmonies and uniquely odd melodies, ‘First Light’ contains all the hallmarks that made their debut wholly irresistible and inspired. While we patiently await their eagerly-anticipated follow-up to their debut, suffice to say, ‘First Light’ does far more than whet ones appetite. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait to long on an announcement!

You can listen to ‘First Light’ below and is available now, digitally or as a limited 12″ from their website.



Ghostpoet – ‘Off Peak Dreams’


Ghostpoet has announced that he will release his brand new album Shedding Skin on March 2nd.

With news of Ghostpoet’s third full-length comes a first taste of what to expect from the album, in the shape of ‘Off Peak Dreams’, the LP’s opening track. Following on 2013’s Some Say I So I Say Light and 2011’s Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, the new LP is said to be one of change, manifesting new challenges and a new way of thinking, and ‘Off Peak Dreams’ shows that in spades. It’s a warm and intimate offering that sets the scene for his instantly identifiably poetic lyrical stride, musing and observations that have marked his work from day one. However his everyday chat of ‘mugs of tea’ and ‘bacon sarnies’ are mumbled to a backdrop of a classic guitar-bass-drums formula. It’s not exactly a drastic overhaul, rather an gentle evolution that ultimately brings out something different and invigorating.

March 2nd is still some while off but now’s time to acquaint oneself with the marvellous ‘Off Peak Dreams’.

The Go! Team – ‘The Scene Between’


It’s been four years since The Go! Team released their last album, the excellent Rolling Blackouts, and to be honest, it was believed this was to be their last as they were to go their separate ways.

Thankfully the latter has proved untrue as The Go! Team emerged from a sustained period of silence with news of new LP The Scene Between. The album is penned for release on March 24th through Memphis Industries, it is said it sees a return to their roots somewhat with band-leader Ian Parton writing, performing and producing all of the songs himself. While the other members were busy with their own projects, Parton found himself working much in the same way that he had in the project’s earliest days — crate digging, fooling around by himself, trying to nail a feeling. Along with the announcement, they have offered up the album title track as a wee taster. ‘The Scene Between’ is brightly cheery, sample-heavy and adorned with all the catchiness and pep we’ve come to expect from The Go! Team. It is a typically beautiful Go! Team jam, with a somewhat mellower vibe, a rolling mix of indie, pop, electronic and hip-hip with huge drums, sweet vocals, a sonic explosion of samples and sheer joy.

It’s rather nice to have them back isn’t it? The Scene Between is out on March 24th but for now you can try the title track out for size below.