Introducing: Games Violet

Games Violet Artist Photo (1000x699)

Games Violet is the Philadelphia-based Irish duo of Alexander Games and Emma Violet. Together the pair write, perform, record and produce ‘surrealist pop’ music in their home studio.

Originally from Dublin, they have just released their debut EP Nixie, into the world. Nixie is an elegant excursion into Games Violet’s surrealist and experimental world, littered with imaginative ideas and unique sounds. Otherworldly and eerily atmospheric recent single ‘Courtship’ demonstrates their raison d’etre, as it slips between beautiful and unsettlingly haunting. ‘Nixie’ is a similarly haunting piece of gothic pop that traverses an ominous mix of downtempo textures and atmospherics to remain peaceful yet simultaneously chilling. Closer ‘Gone’, is a downright unsettling and spooky, groove-driven wonky-pop. One other constant throughout is Violet’s ethereal vocals, which mesmerise and enchant in equal measure. Games Violet deliver more than their fair share of murky, chilling and foreboding qualities, but equally, there are utterly beautiful and spectacular moments too.

You can check out some choice cuts from Games Violet below and if they are to your liking, you can get at their debut EP Nixie, here.

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