Introducing: Aircraft of Tomorrow

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Aircraft of Tomorrow is a creative collaboration between musician Paul Woodfull and visual designer Alastair Keady.

Paul composes electronic musical landscapes, exploring themes of melody and mood. Alastair independently responds to these musical compositions with visual interpretations.

What’s created is a gorgeous confection of ambient instrumental music that ebbs and flows through lush, atmospheric, cinematic drifts of retro futurism – of which the pair’s debut album entitled Alas Euphoric, boasts with stunning finesse. ‘Metro to Marco’ harnesses a deep, warm, winding synth, hypnotic chiming of keys and floaty atmospheric sounds to create a gripping, transportive and transfixing track, that will consume you. ‘Hundreds Of Eggs’ hypnotises as it pulses slowly and delicately through a gorgeous soft-focus of tick-tock percussion, ethereal synth and steady release of cloudy atmospherics. While ‘Pre & Post Redemption’ sounds like a cinematic soundtrack to a ‘70s BBC sci-fi drama. A gently building, moody and deeply atmospheric blend of ambient, cinematic retro futurism, Aircraft of Tomorrow’s debut record comes highly recommended.

Alas Euphoric is out now & you can stream it here; to get you in the mood, there are a few choice cuts below:

AJMW – ‘Higher’


London-based producer AJMW – aka Ashley Warden – has a preference for hip-hop inspired electronic flavours.

‘Higher’ is the third track lifted from his just released Loyal LP – and the single embodies the very essence of AJMW’s allure. Glistening production mingle with crunchy, click-clack beats and revolve around two intertwining guitars and tranquil tones for an elegant sub-three-minutes of mellow, gentle and relaxing escapism. The shuffling beat is the embodiment of ‘Higher’s sparkling and relaxing aura; the perfect escape from any of life’s tedious stress’. So, all you need to do now is just sit back, relax and hit the play button.

Loyal is out now and ‘Higher’ is below now for your listening pleasure:


Warning Light – ‘Little Hearts, Big (Interludes)’


With a decade’s worth of work already to his name, Warning Light is to release new album At The End Of The Road on October 27, the culmination of three years graft.

Said to herald a sprawling return to his ambient roots, a deep synthesizer trip to the end of all charted spaces; the first single from the forthcoming record, ‘Little Hearts, Big (Interludes)’, certainly backs up that assertion. An exhilarating six-plus-minutes, it is spearheaded by minimalist analogue drones interlaced with pulsing techno rhythms, accented by spacey dub and motorik psychedelia, before eventually becoming consumed by waves of glistening chimes. An all consuming, immersive and hypnotic blurring of electronic genres. Without doubt, one of the most enticing, intriguing and dynamic songs you are likely to hear and needless to say, Warning Light is a producer at the peak of his powers.

New album At The End Of The Road is out on October 27, for now, enjoy the quite frankly stunning ‘Little Hearts, Big (Interludes)’ below.

Torin Bell – ‘Rain’


Rain is the brand new EP from producer Torin Bell; a collection of three dreamy, fluid and tranquil instrumental jams.

Title-track ‘Rain’ captures the essence of what makes this EP such a joy. Shifting along at its own unhurried pace, this fluid piece of off-beat, ambient downtempo electronica floats along, leaving behind it a woozy sense of dreaminess. Joyful, refreshing and oozing of tranquillity with playful melodies, glistening strings providing a faux shower effect, it is the warped synths which are the pièce de résistance on offer here. ‘Rain’, and the rest of the EP, provide a soothing atmosphere of peace and dreamy respite from the trails and tribulations of modernity. And what’s the harm in that? Absolutely none.

No excuses either for not checking Bell’s work. Listen to ‘Rain’ below and the entire Ambient/Downtempo EP is out via Netlabel Electrolyt now. Listen to it here.

Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist #26


A regular slot on blog, a relatively short weekly Spotify playlist featuring some of the finest new music to prick my ears over the course of past seven days.

Clocking in at just over an hour, it’s an easily digestible slice of new music, just in time for the weekend. There’s a nice mix of genres and styles too, allowing me to share even more crackin’ tunes. Well, without further ado, here’s #26 – Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist. Get stuck into the tunes & enjoy the weekend! You can follow me on Spotify here.