SHIELDS – ‘I Already Know’


Newcastle-based five-piece SHIELDS are all about the groove with their latest single ‘I Already Know’.

Lifted from their forthcoming Etemenanki EP – follow up to their debut LP How Can We Fix – This? – ‘I Already Know’ is upbeat, catchy, rhythm-heavy indie-music-to-dance-to. SHIELDS blend punchy rhythms, infectious hooks and crunchy beats into their own flaring disco-lite grooving indie electro. Whirring guitars find space between the ravey tones, cowbell and crunchy funky beat as the light falsetto vocal harmonies hover above to complete this upbeat, infectious and grooving floor-filler. Ride a tide of high energy and infectious colourful sounds by letting ‘I Already Know’ into your life – and you will be all the better for it.

Listen to ‘I Already Know’ below:


Daniel Brandt – ‘Sailboats III’


London and Berlin based producer Daniel Brandt has shared new single ‘Sailboats III’, ahead of his album Channels, released on October 12th.

Brandt is a producer with preference for ambient electronic soundscapes with a techno-core, often down-tempo, moody and deeply atmospheric – they are in no way listless – these are late night / early morning jams with an emphasis on mood, groove and rhythm. Capturing this essence perfectly is Brandt’s new single ‘Sailboats III’. An immersive jaunt through a world of minimal ambient electronics with clean, crisp beats and rich textures which create dark atmospheres, emotion and a feeling of venturing into the unknown. Propelled on a pulsating bass line it is a vivid, vital and versatile; it is suited to late night club or home environs. A deeply enthralling and transfixing experience, ‘Sailboats III’ is a mesmerizing introduction to his forthcoming album Channels.

Listen to ‘Sailboats III’ below.

TV ME – ‘Circuit’


TV ME is a one-man creative/musical art project of Merseyside native Thomas McConnell, creating a cosmic confection of vibrant electro-pop.

TV ME’s latest single ‘Circuit’ – out via Newcastle indie label Kaleidoscope – is electro-pop perfection personified, illustrating what the project is all about. Fizzing with electricity, ‘Circuit’ shifts along a playful giddy, bouncy beat, navigating our way through a hypnotic adventure through synth pop, psych and electronica. It is an imaginative sensory overload of proggy tones, waves of psychedelic sounds, frazzled electronics and swirling synths which coalesce before gradually enveloping everything else in its wake. A spectacular sojourn on a spellbinding, interstellar and off-kilter excursion. Magnificent.

Listen to ‘Circuit’ below:

Koloto – ‘Lyra’


Koloto is the moniker of Canterbury based producer Maria Sullivan who has treating us to first-rate glitchy, homemade and hand-crafted electronic sounds since 2013.

There has been a flurry of Koloto related activity of late, with Sullivan sharing singles ‘Alatheia’, ‘Hana’ and most recently, ‘Lyra’. It is the latter with which we turn attention to today, and it is a typically intricate and delicately woven, beat-driven nugget of gorgeous, glitchy, electronic music. Profoundly wonderful and imaginative, it opens with a sense of awe and wonder as sounds drip, splash and twinkle amid the chiming tones, glitchy sounds and flourishes exuberant light. ‘Lyra’ is simply divine, leaving us in awe at its Majesty and expansive beauty. For me personally, it brings back fond memories of N64’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; an equally magical experience.

Listen to ‘Lyra’ below – and if that is to your liking, there is more where that came from here.

Dioscó na mBó – ‘Tea Song’


Sligo natives Dioscó na mBó have been turning heads and filling floors with their insanely catchy, extremely addictive and pretty brilliant mix of funky, disco inspired electronic jams for a while now.

In short, the pair, now based between Dubai and Madrid, make music designed and destined to make people dance. ‘Tea Song’ strides into view, strutting its funky wares like a beautiful love child of Mr Scruff and Public Service Broadcasting. Skipping along a contagious groove, arm in arm with big banging beats, exquisite electronic flourishes cascade and delight as ‘Tea Song’ utilises some old-time, PSB style samples explaining the secrets behind a perfect cup of tea. An astonishingly infectious and flamboyant big beat beauty – without sounding hyperbolic, this is one of the best tunes from 2018.

Listen to ‘Tea Song’ below and make up you own mind – also, heed the message, if you can make a decent cup of tea, you will go far in Ireland.