Nicola Carrara – ‘Tobogán’


Nicola Carrara is a Buenos Aires-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and musician who’s latest single spirits us away to a world of warmth, nostalgia and psychedelia.

‘Tobogán’ is the first single lifted from his forthcoming new album. Introducing itself all lo-fi and minimalist but warm and inviting, it slowly develops and morphs into something rather different from where we began. Combining acoustic guitar, synthesizers, dry drums and a touch of psychedelia it swells into a frazzled, washed-out Supernova of colour. ‘Tobogán’ is a pure ear-worm; the hook, luscious melody and irresistible dandering groove – just fantastic! Carrara has hit on something rather special here, combining the purity of acoustic sounds with frazzled, psych-saturated synthesizers and hitting the sweet spot to craft a warm, real and emotional song too.

Listen to ‘Tobogán’ below and keep an eye out for that forthcoming album too.

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