Introducing: Bousada


Bousada is an electronic producer based out of Victoria, BC (as in Canada, not before Christ, obviously).

Over the past 10 years, he’s gradually drifted from writing and performing music on the guitar, to electronic productions with an emphasis on dancefloor readiness, synths and bass sounds. This passage and exploration toward the world of electronics has been beneficial to say the least; arriving at something of a rather natural electronic sound. It’s all sultry, smooth and seductive electronic music, with so many interesting and layered sounds and noises, steady piano (often quite dubby) chords and permeated, ultimately with rather cool vibes. This cool and select backdrop is just the ticket for Bousada’s voice to take centre stage; his smooth, soulful and melodic vocals are the icing on the cake, something his most recent singles ‘Cast In Gold’ and ‘Shake’, will testify to.

Check out ‘Cast In Gold’ and ‘Shake’ below, and there are a whole host more tunes on his SoundCloud.


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