Introducing: Golden Fable


Golden Fable are two imaginative and creative musicians from North Wales. Inspired by the natural world and varied landscapes that surround them, together Rebecca Palin and Tim Joy create rich, haunting and powerful music.

To date, Golden Fable have released two albums, Star Map and Ancient Blue, through their own record label, Full of Joy Records. Most recently however, in October 2015 in fact, the duo announced a new and ambitious project: a series of releases, coming out on the first Monday of each month. The latest in the series, ‘Through the Night’ is a stunning, reflective and unhurried beauty. Gentle, hushed drums and finger picked electric guitars drift slowly by, providing the emotive backdrop for Palin’s delicate but striking vocal. ‘Weather Station’ meanwhile, is six minutes of gorgeous instrumental bliss. A warm and gentle strum and twinkling synths set the dreamy ethereal ambience, before the twinkling synths and mildly motorik beats come to the fore, surging to a epic, euphoric finish. On ‘The Crossing’, Palin’s voice is once again the key, constant and central, her beguiling otherworldly vocal soars atop of the initially mellow, drifting acoustic melody steering us toward an emphatic soaring climax where dizzying guitars swirl.

You can sample some of their beguiling and majestic cuts below, or if you fancy some further investigation, there are loads more where that came from on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.





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