Introducing: Sloan Peterson


Sloan Peterson aka Joe Jackson is an Australian singer-songwriter who has been making music in her native Sydney since the age of 16, but introduced herself under the Sloan Peterson moniker with a superb self-titled EP last summer.

Peterson’s sound and the EP is a modern love letter to ’50s guitar pop and garage rock, led by the super-infectious ‘105’. An addictive piece of perfect guitar-pop, ‘105’ is ushered forward through a mild haze of fuzz by shimmering synths, psych-infused pulse, irresistible riff and popping beat; with beautiful, faintly hazy vocals hovering above the bouncy, infectious and popping sounds beneath. One year on and Peterson is back with an equally tuneful new single ‘Our Love’. Less urgent, it takes its own time as Peterson pushes her flair for hazy pop into more dreamy, celestial realms.

Carefully dipped in psychedelic flavours, ‘Our Love’ moves along with a dreamlike aura as it tips along a tidy drum beat submerged in an entrancing sea of syrupy sweet melodies, shimmering guitars and swirls of lush, sun-drenched atmospherics with Peterson’s coolly delivered, reverb-laced vocals floating on top. A colourful, imaginative and entrancing slice of psych-pop perfection.

There a couple of choice cuts from Sloan Peterson below and if they are to your liking, there’s plenty more where that came from over here.

Grant Sycamore – ‘Why Oh Why’


Grant Sycamore is an artist and musician from Santa Cruz, CA who not only prides himself on a DIY approach but he is doing something rather unconventional and intriguing.

Later in the Autumn, Grant Sycamore is releasing a new album called Bigfoot Museum; an indie pop/hip hop concept album exploring a coming of age / horror movie inspired story – so that’s the unusual part. Our first insight into this intriguing project is ‘Why Oh Why’, representing the indie-pop facet.

The single oozes with a wonderful charm as it slinks its way casually into your psyche, in an almost slow-mo fashion. ‘Why Oh Why’ is an infectious delight dripping with melody and harmony, adorned with a swooning blend of truly beautiful textures which swell with rich sounds. Amid the meandering laid-back vibes there is an overarching sense of melancholy, no doubt amplified by Sycamore’s heart-strung vocal.

In short; ‘Why Oh Why’ is gorgeous bit of indie-pop – and this being only one half of the party, it is curious to wonder how the hip hop side of the coin will measure up. Whatever the case, this is a wee gem of a tune!

Tune into ‘Why Oh Why’ below:

Mama Kokomo – ‘Valley of Heat’


‘Valley of Heat’ is the second single from Los Angeles-based outfit Mama Kokomo.

It follows their gorgeous, hazy debut ‘Primavera Feel’ and we find the dream pop trio – Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and Dorvin Borman – continuing to embrace their penchant for slumbering atmospherics and psychedelic soundscapes. ‘Valley of Heat’ saunters along a steady, click-clacking beat as guitars shimmer, synth twinkle amid the atmospheric, hazy mist as Michaela’s mellow, breathy vocal adds a final slumbering layer of dreaminess. It is a beautifully dreamy dose of mellow, ethereal and mildly psychedelic tranquility.

Listen to ‘Valley of Heat’ below – in all its splendor.

Whenyoung – ‘Given Up’


We’ve been keeping tabs on London-based Irish trio, whenyoung – Aoife Power (Vocals/Bass), Niall Burns (Guitar) and Andrew Flood (Drums) – for a while now and they have charmed us at every given opportunity thus far.

Following a string of sublime singles, the trio will release their debut EP on November 9 – entitled Given Up, it is preceded by the title-track. ‘Given Up’ is pristine, irresistibly hooky indie pop of the highest order – their most instantaneously lovable release yet, and that’s saying something. A rumbling bassline, quickfire rolling drumbeats, post-punk-edged guitar and shimmering choruses conspire to create a sweetly infectious three-minutes of gold. Powers’ vocals meanwhile, are, as always the pièce de résistance, sweet, yet punchy vocals bristling defiance leaving you utterly powerless in their wake. Sweet, melodic and pristine it might be, but it packs plenty of punch too.

Jump below to listen to ‘Given Up’ – which is out now. The EP will be with us on November 9th

They’ve a very busy close to 2018 with pile of live dates incl. a wee tour of Ireland in November; Dublin, The Workman’s Club on November 2nd, Limerick, Dolan’s on the 3rd & Cork, Cyprus Avenue on the 4th.

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Henry Chadwick – ‘I Can Stick Around’


California musician and songwriter Henry Chadwick spent the summer drip feeding us charming and lovable singles, ultimately culminating in the release of his delightful debut record, Marlin Fisher on August 31, 2018.

Generally speaking Chadwick’s sound is ‘indie’ but it slides between genres and eras, with influences old and new (The Kinks, T. Rex, The Strokes, Courtney Barnett, etc.) while maintaining a sound all of his own – and his fourth single lifted from the new record ‘I Can Stick Around’ is the most upbeat, irresistible and pop-coated of all. The sweetly spiky, fuzzed-up flavours of previous singles ‘I Can Stick Around’ and ‘Change’ are replaced with a sweetly melodic blend of ’60s Merseyside sounds and pure power-pop loaded with hooks, as bright power chords pair up with sugarspun harmonies. ‘I Can Stick Around’ is Chadwick at his most irresistible; this is a 100% earworm material.

You can listen to ‘I Can Stick Around’ below and I implore you to check out Marlin Fisher, it’s here.