Americanadian – ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’


Philadelphia outfit Americanadian began life in 2015 as the musical project of Serena Scalzi. After working alone for a bit, she decided to get some friends – Nina Fuchs (drummer), Abby Woodcock (keys), Hank Byerly (bass), and Michael Algarra (lead guitar) – involved; and thus the full incarnation of Americanadian was born.

Revolving around by Scalzi’s entrancing vocals, the band craft irresistible, lush dream-pop jams that carry a sweet-like-candy melody with just the slightest hint of laid-back and endearingly ramshackle DIY indie. The band’s latest single ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’ does all that with a swooning, heart-aching tenderness. Scalzi shows off her subtle, yet impassioned vocals ride a melodic haze leaving you blissful transfixed. Between the brightness of the guitar and the softness of the vocals, it will leave you pretty powerless to resist.

Listen to ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’ below – it will take its place on a forthcoming EP slated for release in early 2019.

The Orielles – ‘Bobbi’s Second World’


Earlier this year Halifax trio The Orielles – Sidonie B and Esmé Dee Hand Halford and best friend Henry Carlyle Wade – released their debut album Silver Dollar Moment via Heavenly.

Their debut is a carefully crafted collection of songs, a distinctive amalgamation of uplifting and colouful sounds that sounds both familiar and fresh. Mixing it up between neon bright indie-disco, ’90s indie and swirling mid-60s psych/garage freak-outs, and their own unique oddness and idiosyncrasy to leave us with an exciting, eccentric and terrifically catchy album of pure indie-pop heaven.

Now, with the addition of fourth member Alex Stephens on keys, they’ve shared not-one-but-two brand new tracks. With the noticeable addition of keys, ‘Bobbi’s Second World’ sees an increased attention to an insatiable poppy danceablility. An infectious anthem filled with a buoyant energy and oozing with a colourful spirit and a heavy dose of funk. It grooves along with a swagger through funk-fuelled hooks and pulsating electrified cheeps and chirps, with Esmé’s syrupy-sweet vocals juxtaposed with the relentless, racing beats and swirling, psychedelic haze. The second track is a cover of Peggy Gou’s ‘It Makes You Forget (itgehane)’, a sparking re-imaging, filled with their trademark quirky charm and shimmering sonic delights.

You can listen to both tracks below and if you haven’t yet been acquainted with their debut album, Silver Dollar Moment is available here.

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Jouska – ‘Glitter Chaser’


Jouska is the Oslo-based musical duo consisting of Marit Othilie Thorvik and Hans Olav Settem.

To date the pair have impressed with an intriguing and inventive array of singles and debut EP Frog Fiction, as they explore some of the more leftfield, out-there reaches of electronica. Brand new single ‘Glitter Chaser’ takes on a similarly stellar expedition to the realms of their imagination. Tempered by an airy/spacey atmosphere ‘Glitter Chaser’ sets forth in a sea of kaleidoscopic colour, brimming with divine harmonies and packed with crunchy beats and groovy synths which coalesce to create a super smooth, playful yet dreamy piece of cosmic electronica. Amid the alluring dreamy soundscape a final touch of bewitching beauty is provided by the heavenly vocals.

Jouska’s music is refreshingly inventive and exploratory, qualities marked out by both this and their aforementioned previous EP.

Listen to ‘Glitter Chaser’ below now – and you can tune into their debut EP Frog Fiction right here.

Hydromag – ‘P.J.R.’


Hydromag is primarily the work of Falmouth-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Best-Shaw.

Having parted ways with his previous band he retreated to his bedroom to setup a recording studio, and began work on what he describes as “essentially a bedroom recording project”. The fruits of which were the Sweet Obsession EP and single ‘I Need to Know’ in 2017 and established his penchant for an alluring blend of dream pop and shoegaze.

Latest single ‘P.J.R.’, written in memory of a close relative who took their own life, subject matter aside, exists in a similarly dreamy space. A spacious, synth-sprinkled, elegant and chilled slice of delectable, ethereal dreamy pop. Gorgeous glistening guitars and lush synths shimmer through the enveloping ethereal haze as the steady beat tips away. While the dreamy guitar licks and synth have their charm, the true allure is the compelling beauty of the interchanging dual male-female vocal, the mellifluous cooing of the latter is irresistible. All in all, an elegant, exquisite and entrancing piece of shoegaze-infused dream-pop; magnificent!

Listen to ‘P.J.R.’ below; it is but one part of Hydromags’ forthcoming This Is Fleeting EP – expected in the new year.

Victoria Bigelow – ‘Blame’


Nashville/upstate NY-based singer-songwriter Victoria Bigelow has shared a new single ‘Blame’, which is lifted from her forthcoming EP Going Blue and penned for release in early 2019.

‘Blame’ is a stunning, profoundly moving and melancholic yet beautiful piece of heart-aching indie-pop. Bigelow’s hushed, smokey voice strikes a reflective tone, channelling her deepest emotions as she details freeing herself from a toxic relationship. Stripped-back guitars, soft beat, steady shaker, the warm glowing organ hum and seductive 60s-esque melodies collude to create a hazy, floating veneer. This provides a perfect underbelly for Bigelow’s vocals to swell, growing in power, strength and defiance as ‘Blame’ progresses. Deeply touching and utterly captivating, ‘Blame’ ushers us into to the realm of something profoundly honest, beautiful and rather special.

Listen to ‘Blame’ below.

Balthazar – ‘Fever’


Belgian indie-pop outfit Balthazar have announced they will release a new (and fourth) album called Fever on January 25, 2019.

Accompanying this news is lead single and title track – yes, you guessed it – ‘Fever’. Introducing itself with a rolling, languid bass riff, ‘Fever’ unfurls with a slinky, seductive groove and alluring harmonies. It is a playful pop song underpinned with a laid-back and breezy vibe that is only momentarily interrupted as the momentum builds and a rhythmic surge and feverish guitars rise up before crashing like the sea against the rocks, and then calm is restored. On the whole, these warm, enchanting notes offer a tender hug for your spirit, whisking you away to a far off lands of peace and calmness.

Tune into the entrancing and mellow enchantment that is ‘Fever’ below, and Balthazar will play Whelan’s, Dublin on Saturday, February 9.

The Hannah Barberas – ‘No Mystery’


Self-described “DIY pop partisans” The Hannah Barberas have returned with a new single, ‘No Mystery’ – the lead and title-track from their third EP.

The indie-pop foursome – Damien, Lucy, Doug & Matthew – from New Cross, London have a way when it comes to charming and irresistible effervescent indie-pop gems, and thankfully the latest effort doesn’t break with tradition. ‘No Mystery’ is dreamy ’60s inspired jangle, all woozy and breezy vibes, it is dripping with melody and those harmonies, they are just a delight. An enchanting and addicting parcel of perfect pop-craft harmony, The Hannah Barberas have delivered the goods once again (complete with an unlikely guest appearance by Angela Lansbury).

Tune into ‘No Mystery’ below now – and the full EP is here too.