Tender Glue – ‘Lights Out’


New York City-based folk singer-songwriter Tom Gluewicki, aka Tender Glue, is readying the release of his album Closet Leftovers, which arrives on September 28th.

Ahead of the forthcoming LP, Tender Glue has already teased it with wonderful ‘Rudy’ and with the release date closing in, he’s shared new single ‘Lights Out’. Similarly to the aforementioned single, ‘Lights Out’ is a sweet piece lo-fi dream-pop recorded in the closet of his apartment. It is a gentle, rich and heartfelt guitar-driven ballad of tender melancholy with a chiming guitar and tender vocal making there way through a dreamy, misty atmosphere which swells to consume all before it as Gluewicki voice strains to rise above it just as the swell subsides back to its mellow undulating origins. Another powerful, touching and beautiful song from the NYC artist.

Listen to Tender Glue‘s ‘Lights Out’ below and keep an eye out for album coming on September 28.

Benjamin Shaw – ‘Terrible Feelings!’


Born in Canada, raised in Blackpool and now hiding in Melbourne, genre-defying musician and artist Benjamin Shaw is prepping the release of his sixth album, Megadead.

Out August 31, via Audio Antihero / Kirigirisu Recordings, it is preceded by lead single ‘Terrible Feelings!’. Blurring the lines between burned-out lo-fi, electronic pop and uncompromising experimentalism, Shaw delivers one of the most tender, emotional and thrilling songs your are likely to hear.

Glimmering keys, field recordings, frazzled electronics, layered noise and fuzz, brittle melodies, looping guitars and aching words create an atmosphere that envelops the listeners. A frenzied opening of mishmashed feelings and raw emotion bleeds into a sea of discordant noise and static before retreating to reveal something more recognizable and affable; Shaw’s delicate and tender voice drifting over gentle chords. ‘Terrible Feelings!’ feels extremely private, in a way that it feels as though we are rather privileged to be privy to this moment. Gloomy, yes! but it also hopeful and intensely beautiful, like a rainy Sunday afternoon sat peering through the window as a grey day dissipates with nothing but the sound of rain, pitter-pattering again the glaze.

Listen to ‘Terrible Feelings!’ below and keep an eye out for the album coming at the end of the month.

Darryl Rahn – ‘The Grey’


Darryl Rahn is a Brooklyn-based indie, folk, and pop artist who seems to have a natural knack for blending a modern indie sensibility with classic 60s/70s folk and popcraft with an effortless ease.

Rahn’s latest single – lifted from his forthcoming new album – ‘The Grey’ is the personification of his delectable talents. From the first gentle strum, Rahn will have transfixed under ‘The Grey’s’ irresistible spell. A melodic and charming delight, it basks in a warm glow as a gentle guitar shimmers and keys twinkle to the tune of Rahn’s emotive, wistful voice. An utterly divine creation of rather splendid allure that will whisk you far, far away,

Listen to ‘The Grey’ below now:

Saguru – ‘Semantic Death’


Saguru is the musical moniker of 22-year old German musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Chriz Rappel.

Rapple began writing music from the age of 11, honing a sound that is heavily indebted to that of Alex Turner’s solo work in particular which, under the Saguru guise, stepped out into the world in 2016. While he’s got quite a few releases already under his belt, his latest effort finds him in fine form, with his best and most affecting work to date. ‘Semantic Death’ is beautiful song plain and simple – musically and lyrically – it is powerful and emotive, with a melancholic and lamentable feel. It is as though Rappel has gazed upon final days of a declining world, ready to implode. Led by piano and acoustic strum, and back by some swish, swooning orchestral-esque vibes coalesce while Rappel’s deep, dark brogue endeavours to raise his lyrics to pride of place – emblematic of the song’s stirring emotion and rousing defiance. Powerful and compelling, this is brilliantly moving.

Listen to ‘Semantic Death’ below, sheer excellence.

Adwaith – ‘Gartref’


Welsh trio Adwaith introduced themselves and their experimental post-punk earlier in the year with stellar double A-side single ‘Fel i Fod’ / ‘Newid‘.

Hot on the heels of their double A-side, the trio – consisting of Hollie Singer (vocals, guitar), Gwenllian Anthony (bass, keys, mandolin), and Heledd Owen (drums) – have announced new single ‘Gartref’.

Opening with acoustic strum and tender, hushed vocals, ‘Gartref’ builds slowly, smouldering with emotion as it draws you in under its intoxicating spell. A beautifully melancholic slice of wistful indie-pop, based around minimalist instrumentation and the beautifully, mesmeric vocals; a truly beautiful song. As with all Adwaith’s songs thus far, they instinctively forge a direct emotional connection with the listener,

Oh, and that’s not all! A much anticipated debut album is due for release later this year too. Exciting times.

Out via the excellent Libertino Records, ‘Gartref’ is out now. Tune in below.

Adwaith are also one of twelve acts selected from across Wales for Horizons 2018, so expect to be hearing plenty more from them over the next 12 months. Find out more about them here