Introducing: S.A.F

S.A.F are brother/sister duo of Marianne Elise and Eat Gas. The duo have a rather unusual sound, a mish-mash of influences if you will, occupying a space somewhere between PJ Harvey and The Kills. 

The duo’s recently released self-titled debut EP, reflects this diversity. It is a  musical patchwork of sounds, from the post-punk grind of ‘Bam’ imbued with an emphatic energy, snarl and blistering intensity, to touching nature of the delicate and subdued ‘I Can’t’, which places Elise’s heartfelt vocals take centre stage. This flipping of styles is knit together tightly by a constant maze of emotions, which no matter what the emotion, it feels very real, true and honest.

A gem of an EP and a band definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

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