House Of Dolls – Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicine

Welcome To The Department Of Nuclear Medicine is the long awaited Debut Album from Dubliners House Of Dolls.

Taking their cue from the likes of The Chameleons, The Verve, Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; there is no messing around. An attitude emphatically set out by rip-roaring openers ‘Murder Machine’, ‘I Thought You Were My Friend’ and ‘Prostitutes’ . A series of driving bass-lines, dirty rocking guitar riffs and ominous vocals form a fresh rock n roll sound, delivered with both swagger and confidence.

The band are equally adept in the psych-rock/shoegaze department with haunting echoing vocals shining through a haze of noise, demonstrated by the likes of ‘Photograph’ or ‘Into The Void’. It is here where the albums persona lies, flipping seamlessly between the two styles, on the one hand the fired up brutish rock sounds and on the other, the more measured and steady but no less captivating psych-rock sounds. Importantly it works remarkably well.

For anyone who has followed House of Dolls’ progress thus far there are no real surprises here. It is what it is, an album and band which wears it’s influences on their collective sleeves and deliver their sound with impeccable verve and vigor. It is a very good album, one deserving of much greater exposure.

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