Cloud Nothings – Live @ the Grog Shop (Free 5 Track EP)

Cloud Nothings‘ latest album Attack On Memory has been on of one of the best records of 2012, personally speaking of course. It is a heavyweight and rather muscular record of post-rock, indie, post-punk and pure unadulterated noise. Not quite first thing in the morning material but a terrific album nonetheless. 

The band are offering a free download of five songs recorded live on April 5 at the Grog Shop, a venue in the band’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Just pop over to Pitchfork enter your email address to grab your free copy of Live @ the Grog Shop. It really is fantastic and captures the sound and energy of a band on top of their game, and the essence of why they’ve won me over this year.

The full Grog Shop performance will be released on vinyl-only on July 30th through Wichita and is limited to just 500 copies.

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