Introducing: Tiny Birds

Looking for a brief respite from the dreariness of the onset of cold and wet winter months? Look no further than Londoner’s Tiny Birds, who will warm the cockles of your heart.  

Tiny Birds radiate warmth as they straddle a line between folk and indie pop, as sugar-coated pop melodies meet folk arrangements. An enviable chipper vibe courses through the veins of Tiny Birds; jolly and joyfully fun lyrics provide a lighthearted air for these infectious, folk tinged ditties. This carefree and fun music at it’s very best, these sprightly songs do remind of the finer moments from The Rumble Strips or The Holloways. Quiet simply wonderfully nice and all round lovely, likable songs.

Like that’s not enough? You can ‘name your price’ and pick up their latest EP, Local History from bandcamp.

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