Introducing The Cq

I’m gonna keep it short today, let the music do the talking, something luckily The Cq are more than capable of. Hailing from Bedford, New Hampshire, The Cq specialises in beautiful fuzzy meandering shoegazey tunes influenced by Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, with a touch of The Flaming Stars too. There is a real dreamy stuff like music the Sandman himself could make and it’s all packaged nicely in an impressively quaint homemade lo-fi sound. I’m sure these guys are sick of people remarking about their age but at just 16 years of age they certainly display remarkable maturity and wisdom way beyond their years, impressive stuff.

The band is currently recording their debut album which should be finished over the summer.

Mp3: The Cq – Where Are You

Mp3: The Cq – Wait and See

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