David Cameron ‘Common People’

With just ten days untill voters in the UK go to the polls I’m pretty sure lots of you have already seen this but I hadn’t until today. Someone has cleverly remade Pulp’s classic ‘Common People’ as though David Cameron was singing it, unsurprisingly he isn’t portrayed favourably, it’s no William Shatner version but it’s definitely worth a giggle.

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Billy Bragg & Wilco – California Stars

A new and very recent performance from Billy Bragg & Wilco at the Rolling Stone Festival in Germany at the tail end of last year has made its way on the interweb. It’s surprising as I had been led to believe there had been a pretty major falling out between the parties. The song ‘California Stars’ is from the masterful Mermaid Avenue album which saw Bragg and Wilco collaborate putting music to and performing previously unheard lyrics written by legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie.

There are two volumes of Mermaid Avenue and are well worth picking up if you haven’t already.

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Che Guevara In Ireland – RTE Interview (1964)

This isn’t really a music post but it’s an interesting historical nugget from the RTE vaults of the legendary revolutionary leader, Che Guevara. Guevara who was no stranger to Ireland having Irish roots, making a number of visits including one in Kilkee in 1962 where he met artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick would go on to created the iconic image of Che, which the world over is familiar with. According to Fitzpatrick:

in 1963 while a teenage student at Gormanston College he worked a summer job at the Marine Hotel pub in Kilkee, the remote town of his mother’s birth. One morning Che Guevara walked in with two Cubans and ordered an Irish Whiskey. Fitzpatrick immediately recognized him because of his interest in the Cuban revolution. Knowing about the Irish diaspora and history in Argentina, Fitzpatrick asked Che vaguely about his roots. Che told Fitzpatrick that his grandmother was Irish and that his great-grandmother Isabel, was from Galway, with other family being from Cork.

Anyway on this occasion bad weather forced Che Guevara to land in Dublin and as luck would have it he spoke to RTÉ reporter Sean Egan while Aer Lingus air hostess Felima Archer acted as interpreter. During the short interview Guevara answers questions about the political situation in Cuba and recent threats on his life.

Band on an Island Live @ Ryston 23/04/10

Amidst the furore of Kildare’s annual frenzy over the races at Punchestown and suit invasion to boot, Band on an Island where launching new single ‘Back Disco’ in Newbridge. The alternative to the race day decadence and trendiness was taking place only a few miles down the road in the secluded surroundings of Ryston, in the bands hometown of Newbridge.

It would have just been rude not to take a wander down to check out the buzz and it turned out to be really good night with support from Appo and the Dead Orphans, The Yochill Band and The Last Tycoons who were particularly impressive (I even bought me an album). There’s nothing like good live music and a few jars to sort you out for the night anyway there’s some clips but apologies for the sound quality, it isn’t perfect.

(Slight) health warning BOAI are mates of mine, none the less still a great band!

Playlist #4

The worst named feature returns for your listening pleasure!

Some cheery sunshine indie/folk for you all via Mystery Jets and Johnny Flynn,  I’ve been banging on about both lately and they’ve  dropped some appetizers from their forthcoming albums. From the mellow to the manic as digital hardcore anti-fascist’s Atari Teenage Riot return following a ten-year hiatus with ‘Activate’ a furious industrial, rave-rock massacre! A wee bit less intense but equally great is the driving beats and bass of South Central’s remix of ‘Flush’ and chilling things the fuck out is Falty DL giving Mount Kimbie a liquid ambient rejiggle.

Mp3: Losers – Flush (South Central Remix)

Mp3: Johnny Flynn – Kentucky Pill

Mp3: Mystery Jets – Flash a Hungry Smile

Mp3: Atari Teenage Riot – Activate

Mp3: Mount Kimbie – Serged (FaltyDL Remix)

Double Dagger – Masks (EP)

The most notable feature of Baltimore trio Double Dagger apart from the slightly freaky cover that is; they don’t do things by halves, it’s all or nothing judging by their latest EP Masks. Double Dagger have been compared to a plethora of great bands but whether this is true or not they certainly kick out jams conjuring up memories of post-punk and alternative legends.

Okay we aren’t witnessing the reinvention of the wheel here, but, Double Dagger feel fresh, urgent and they pack their own weighty punch. There is no messing around as they explode out of the blocks with ‘Imitation is the Most Boring Form of Flattery’  and ‘Pillow Talk’ exemplifying their simple yet super effective no-nonsense attitude to music, with crunching guitars, crashing cymbals and shout out loud lyrics, not to mention the perfectly worked Keyboard Cat riff of the latter.

Things take a slightly somnolent twist in name only however, with ‘Sleeping In Wolf’s Clothing’ and ‘Sleeping with the TV On’ which have a noticeably rough and ready garage rock sound with a likeness to Pavement or Sluts of Trust, screeching vocals and riffs to boot. There is just time for ‘Song for S’ a brief instrumental to conclude matters.

There is something beautifully appealing about their DIY style that manages to capture so much of the raucous volume and energy which so often goes missing. Importantly there earnest and intelligent lyric are both impressive and pivotal, not just gibberish as is often the case with bad garage punk, for which they are not.

For the full effect turn this up loud!

Mp3: Double Dagger – Pillow Talk