Tennis – ‘I’m Callin’


Tennis are back, the Denver indie-pop duo have announced they will release their new album, Ritual in Repeat, on September 9th via Communion Records.

Ritual in Repeat will be the third LP from the husband-wife duo, and follows on from the high standards set out by 2012’s superb Young and Old LP and late 2013 EP, Small Sound. As a taste of the new LP, Tennis have shared new single ‘I’m Callin’ which sees the pair retain their signature bubbly melodies and breezy pop sensibilities, while channelling some ’70s disco-funk infused vibes. It’s a bright, sunny and exuberant toe tapper, featuring some rather nimble guitar work, springy beat, bloopy keys and funked bassline. It offers a perfect backdrop for Moore, once a shy and reticent type, to exhibit her sultry, soulful and almost diva-esque vocals. ‘I’m Callin’ is a compelling listen, and while still very much Tennis, it offers a new dimension to the duo’s dynamic that should have you pressing repeat again and again. Based on this evidence, Ritual In Repeat, should be all kinds of charming.

Ritual In Repeat is out on September 9th via Communion but before all that, you can get acquainted with ‘I’m Callin’ below.

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