David Harks – ‘Mists’

David Harks is a name that should be familiar to long standing patrons of the site.

The British-born, Berlin-based artist and singer has been the recipient of much deserved lavish praise for his work with Safetalk, varying collaborative projects and of course, his solo work – and it is the latter that are concerned with on this occasion.

Harks has returned with a softly lit, seductive serenade entitled ‘Mists’; a cinematic sojourn into blissed-out lofi ambient pop, awash with soaring harmonies and dubbed-out synthesis. It slinks and gently bubbles along a seductive groove as soft beats patter below the colorful swirling textures, crunching guitar riffs and computer game tones while Harks’ hushed, mellow and incredibly easy on the ear – all dripping with melody. It’s always great to hear from Harks and this is an incredibly beautiful, blissed-out and seductive – this up there with Hark’s best work.

Listen to ‘Mists’ below, you are in for a treat:

ae inc. – ‘Krystina’

ae inc. is the latest musical project from songwriter & producer David Sanderson (aka David Harks) who has been the recipient of much deserved lavish praise for his work with Safetalk, varying collaborative projects and of course, his solo work.

Adding to this huge diverse and impressive back catalogue is ‘Krystina’; the debut outing for the fledgling ae inc project – and it is up there with the very best of his work to date. ‘Krystina’ struts into view, slinking upon a bed of cushioned beats, deep groove and pulsing synth as hushed melodic vocals flow amid the woozy textures & dreamy harmonies above. It is warm and uplifting, dreamy and seductive as subtle bouts of euphoria and mild ravey undertones illuminate the hazy allure and undercurrent of melancholy. Sanderson already has an enviable back catalogue over supreme quality and ‘Krystina’ is up there with the very best of his work.

Listen to ‘Krystina’ below – it does not disappoint.

Satin Jackets ft. David Harks – ‘Shadow Of You’

German producer Satin Jackets and Brighton-bred/Berlin-based artist David Harks have joined forces once again for new single ‘Shadow Of You’.

The last time they formed an alliance was for ‘Northern Lights’ with results of pure gold – and the good news is, Satin Jackets and Harks have repeated the trick once more. ‘Shadow Of You’ is lifted from Satin Jackets’ forthcoming LP Solar Nights – the second from the German nu-disco purveyor aka Tim Bernhardt – a breezy, chiming retro-futurist affair. ‘Shadow Of You’ lures you in with its swaggering seductive disco-indebted groove, twisting analogue synths, stabs of robust keys and airy tones, before sealing the deal with Harks’ sultry smooth vocal stylings, for a match made in heaven. It’s a perfectly balanced collaboration, bright, airy and downright irresistible – ‘Shadow Of You’ will have you hooked from the off.

Do yourself a favour, listen to ‘Shadow Of You’ below.

Blank & Jones – ‘Grown Minds’


German duo Blank & Jones‘ career stretches back to the late ’90s and since then, they have carved out a rep for their non-conformist electronic sounds.

For their latest release ‘Grown Minds’, Blank & Jones have teamed up with Berlin-based British vocalist (and longtime BarryGruff favourite) David Harks to create a haunting yet beautiful and addictive electronic pop song. It is a cinematic masterpiece that marries their dark electronic sound design of glacial tones, warm piano chords, hushed drums, and a goosebumps inducing atmosphere to Harks’ melancholic, plaintive vocal. ‘Grown Minds’ is an introspective, dusky and melancholic slice of magical electronic pop, with a twist of the Balearic fizzing through it. Enjoy!

Listen to ‘Grown Minds’ below:

Safetalk – ‘Static’


Anglo-French trio Safetalk – comprised of two Parisian producers Hugues Tonnet and Thomas Desnoyers and Berlin-based British vocalist, David Harks – have released a stellar new single ‘Static’.

It is the title track from their debut EP which collates previous singles, ‘Universal’, ‘Gold of the Highest’ and ‘Mimic’ into a nice, neat package of cosmic electronic-pop. Brooding gloom-pop with murky electronic production, ‘Static’ is a hypnotic fusion of pulsating electronic rhythms, radiant synths and tender vocals combining to create interstellar psych-electronic music brimming with an abundance of heart and soul. The continental trio have delivered yet another compelling and transfixing electronic excursion that will leave an indelible mark on ones soul.

Listen to ‘Static’ below and Safetalk’s EP shall be with us in mid-November.

David Harks – ‘Avalon’


David Harks is a name that should be familiar to regular patrons of the site.

The British-born, Berlin-based artist and singer has been the recipient of much deserved lavish praise for his work with Safetalk, varying collaborative projects and of course, his solo work.

It is the latter that concerns us on this occasion, more specifically Harks’ new solo single ‘Avalon’ – recorded with Pete Cattermoul from Teleman, it is a soft, psychedelic indie/synthpop song. It shifts along a steady beat, punctuated by a grooving bass and an enchanting combination of airy synths, piano loops and flourishes of electronics creating a chilled, atmospheric soul soothing sound. At points both melancholic and hopeful, Harks’ his transcendent voice conveys a strength in fragility and the pièce de résistance of this magnificent, incredibly chill indie-electro delight. You’ll be all the better for letting this wee gem into you life, guaranteed!

Be good to yourself, and check out ‘Avalon’ below:

Feiertag – ‘Bunraku (feat. David Harks)’


David Harks is a name that regular patrons of the site should be acquainted with, given that his work has been in receipt of much deserved praise in the past.

The British-born, Berlin-based artist and singer has had a busy summer with his Safetalk project and collaborations, and on this occasion it is the latter with draws our attention. Harks has teamed up with Dutch producer Feiertag for new single, ‘Bunraku’ – one incredibly chill indie-electro delight. The song unfolds with a slow and steady groove, with a combination of light synths, melody, hooks and an enchanting bass line, creating a chilled, atmospheric vibe all mirrored by Harks’ echoey vocals. This is an effortlessly smooth soul soothing sound; you’ll be all the better for letting it into you life.

Check ‘Bunraku (feat. David Harks)’ for yourself below – video & all.

Satin Jackets – ‘Northern Lights’ (ft. David Harks)


German producer Satin Jackets has joined forces with Brighton-bred/Berlin-based artist David Harks for latest single ‘Northern Lights’.

Inspired by a recent trip to Norway and experiencing the Northern Lights, so moved was Tim Bernhardt aka Satin Jackets, the new single is his attempt to capture some of his experiences in musical form. ‘Northern Lights’ is as spectacular as one would imagine its namesake to be. It is a cruisy, disco-infused indie-electro delight with a chilled vibe, lovely floaty melody, a mild undercurrent of the Balearic and a healthy sprinkling of cosmic pop – due in no small part to some incredibly dreamy vocals courtesy of Mr. Harks. Undeniably infectious, this aural treat is sure to sooth your soul and get your head bopping to its pulsing electro beat groove. David Harks has been delivering the goods – under his solo guise & with Safetalk – for a while now but Satin Jackets is a new intro (for me at least), and one we’re better for.  Such is the high calibre of ‘Norther Lights’, let’s all hope these pair collaborate again in future.

Check ‘Northern Lights’ out below.

BarryGruff March 2016 Playlist


Your regular monthly round up all the blog action, in a nice, neat and handy playlist of tracks featured throughout the month.

March was good, as was the weather but even better tunes and whatnot. We had tracks courtesy of Helen Love, Teleman, Weird Dreams and Kelly Lee Owens  from their respective, new and forthcoming albums. We had introductions to Estrons, Hannah Lou Clark, Deep Sea Diver, Games Violet, Pavel and Eoin Dolan, while there were excellent new singles/EPs from Bousada, Anderson, Junior Bill, Silverbacks, Slow Riot, Boxed In and David Harks. Oh, and there were two new episodes of ‘Millions Like Us’, Justin Beats & I’s new music podcast extravaganza for 604now (if you missed them, check ’em here). You can also subscribe to ‘Millions Like Us’ on iTunes & Podcast Republic or find us on Facebook & Twitter.

Well then, that’s that for another month – listen to BarryGruff’s March 2016 playlist below. Enjoy!

David Harks – ‘Obey’


Following on from last December’s downtempo and sombre ‘Tripping Ghosts’, Brighton based David Harks returns with a more optimistic and chipper first release of 2016.

Written and produced by Harks and Miguel Toro, aka Royal Dust, ‘Obey’ is an incredibly joyful, slice of uplifting synth-pop. Slinking along a disco-infused-house groove, bubbling synths and shuffling rhythm, it is bubbly and light, and fizzes with optimism. It is a delicious tune with glossy production, and just sounds so hopeful. There are shades of Hot Chip or The 2 Bears to this one, and is as good as anything either of those have put our way, making for an ever so pleasant listen. Obviously. It’s always great to hear from Harks and this is right up there with the best of his work to date. An incredibly joyful listen.

‘Obey’ is out now 18th via JumJum Records, check it below: