Dan Amor and Huw Owen – ‘Mothers In Day-Glo’ + ‘Swooshed’ Compilation



Cae Gwyn Records is an independent record label based in North Wales. As a label, it prides itself on its independence and has built a solid reputation for releasing all manner of interesting, creative and listenable, left field bilingual music.

The latest example of this comes in the shape of Swooshed; a new 10 track compilation album featuring some of Wales’ very finest folk, pop, ambient and psychedelic music. It picks up where previous free digital sampler Cynefin Cae Gwyn, left off – of which you may or may not remember but it is worth checking out, or revisiting. Swooshed is littered with gems but the pick of the pile comes from Dan Amor and Huw Owen’s ‘Mothers In Day-Glo’. Recorded in an old quarry man’s cottage above Tregarth in North Wales, it is a warm and inviting, woozy and mellow, sun-drenched psych-tinged folk sound. ‘Mothers In Day-Glo’ is sure to leave you all the better for listening (as can be said for ‘Swooshed’ too). Dan Amor and Huw Owen operate a strict ‘blank canvass’ policy when writing and recording together –all ideas and parts are thought up on the day – whatever the case, it works, and how!

Check out ‘Mothers In Day-Glo’ below and you can a hold of Swooshed here. Happy listening!


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