Gulp Announce Second LP ‘All Good Wishes'; Share New Single ‘I Dream Of Your Song’


Gulp, formed by Super Furry Animals’ Guto Pryce, Lindsey Leven and their long standing guitarist Gid Goundrey, have announced their new album All Good Wishes, which is set for release August 3rd via E.L.K Records.

The new album follows up their bewitching 2014 debut Season Sun; a wonderfully charming blend of distilled flashes of psychedelic sunshine, shimmering pastoral pop and breezy psych-folk. Ahead of the new album’s release, it is preceded by lead single ‘I Dream Of Your Song’. It’s a roving, hazy, dream-like affair, blending a swelling shimmer of hazy psych-folk and kraut-pop with a pastoral pop sweetness as Leven’s lulling vocals drift over the ripples of sun flares. A hazy, soothing and altogether wonderful insight to the new album and if it is anything like its predecessor, it will be one of 2018’s finest.

Listen to ‘I Dream Of Your Song’ below now, and drift away…..

All Good Wishes Tracklist:

1. Search For Your Love
2. Claudia
3. Spend Time Right Here With You
4. I Dream of Your Song
5. Beam
6. All Good Wishes
7. Morning Velvet Sky
8. Following Rain
9. Ride
10. Watching Ships
11. Silver Tides


Francobollo – ‘We’re Dead’


London-based Swedes Francobollo like to mix it up in their fearless quest to create songs which blend, morph and encompass styles by the bucket load; parts indie, part glam, part psych, prog and post-punk, and generally brilliant.

Latest single ‘We’re Dead’ is a taster from an expected second LP; the follow-up to last year’s debut album Long Live Life. While it maintains Francobollo’s unshakable scintillating sparkle and brightness, it is reminiscent of early purveyors of the loud/quiet dynamic, a la The Pixies, ‘We’re Dead’ takes a dig toward the unhealthy obsession with social media. However, well pointed cynicism aside, it is irresistibly catchy as bouts of buoyant pop melodies and buzzing guitars dance  with sporadic but energetic bursts of screeching guitars and swaggering vocals, burning basslines and pounding drums. Francobollo have, what appears to be an innate, natural knack for a toe-tapping melody that worms its way into your head – and will stay there.

Tune in to ‘We’re Dead’ below:

Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – ‘Neighborhood Cats’


Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt began life in Bloomington, Indiana with the outfit’s somewhat mysterious musician, whose name eludes us was whipping up songs in his basement and bedroom to stave away the late-night boredom.

Now based in San Diego, the outfit has released ‘Neighborhood Cats’, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming new album, Vegas of Feelings, which is expected sometime in July. ‘Neighborhood Cats’ captures their sound perfectly; this is a lo-fi indie-pop sound with a dash of folk, psych and sunshine – with an Elliot Smith, Weezer, and the Beach boys influence helping to shape the sound. An upbeat, bright and chipper riff driven jam, snappy, peppy drums mingle with warm acoustic chords, melodies, riffs, grooves and hooks you could hang your hat on. Catchy, sunkissed and beautiful – it’s great!

Check out ‘Neighborhood Cats’ below & keep an eye out for the new record come July!

Accü – ‘Did You Count Your Eyes?’


Accü is the multifaceted, genre blending solo project of Cardiff-based musician and producer Angharad Van Rijswijk.

Formerly one half of Welsh folk-electronica duo Trwbador, Van Rijswijk previously introduced Accü with a series of super and distinctive slices of otherworldly electronica, and collaborations with Cornershop and Kayla Painter. Accü’s is prepping the release of debut album Echo The Red, due out late this summer, and it is preceded by lead single ‘Did You Count Your Eyes?'; and oh my, it is quite something.

An offbeat exploration of imaginative experimentation and colourful, kaleidoscopic sounds, ‘Did You Count Your Eyes?’ is a spellbinding cosmic sojourn to psychedelic space. Fusing elements of frayed electronics, squelchy synths, soft-edged psych-pop it tips along a tidy drum beat with reverb-laced vocals swaying through a cascading sequence of crackling, frazzled electronics. Moving with a dreamlike, otherworldly aura; ‘Did You Count Your Eyes?’ is colourful, imaginative and fearlessly exploratory off-kilter pop.

Feast your ears on the hazy magic that is ‘Did You Count Your Eyes?’ below, it’s out on May 25 through the impressive Libertino Recordings.

Accü’s debut album Echo The Red is due latter this summer – eyes peeled.

Luke Redmond – ‘Isola’


Originally from Kerry, Luke Redmond is an Irish musician and multi-instrumentalist musician now making a life for himself in Portugal.

Swapping one set of mountains in South Kerry for those of the Algarvian variety, they have their similarities and differences, the freedom, remoteness and isolation has shaped both his life and sound. Inspired by ’60s music and movies, contemporary psych and shoegaze, Redmond’s own creations are mellow, expansive and broadly cinematic explorations permeated by the remoteness of his mountainous locale; a la his new single ‘Isola’. A gentle instrumental marriage of soothing guitars, light percussion and mellow undulations, its dreamy, relaxing cinematic vibe plays like rippling waves lapping at your feet. ‘Isola’ is a joy, relaxing and refreshing in its breezy brilliance.

You can check out ‘Isola’ below and there is more where that came from over here.