Thomas Dooley – ‘Rosy Retrospection’


Thomas Dooley is Philadelphia musician with a penchant for woozy, interstellar psychedelic-pop sounds.

Dooley writes and records all his music, late at night, in a room he shares with his younger brother which might explain the relaxed, lullaby vibes emanating from his debut single ‘Rosy Retrospection’. All spacey, celestial wonderment and awe, ‘Rosy Retrospection’ blends woozy keyboard lines, playful synth effect with a harmonic and hushed, lilting lyrical sensibility. A dreamy pastoral, tranquil undulating tune that twinkles with its majestic sparkles, proggy tones and sweet 60’s orchestral pop charm. A beautiful, melodic and interstellar psych-pop exploration that is a joy to behold.

Tune into ‘Rosy Retrospection’ below, it is magnificent.

Introducing: Lennard Rubra


Lennard Rubra, is a multi-instrumentalist from Riccione, Italy whose proto punk sound is inspired by a youthful fascination is ’60s Brazilian folk music, The Smiths and John Cage.

In May of this year, Rubra released two EPs, Pleonasmi and Escapismo Primaverile, both self-produced, recorded and mixed at home – and both are treasure troves of spellbinding sounds.

‘L’archetipo di Artemide’ offers a perfect introduction to what Rubra is all about. Opening with a wash of dreamy-pop amid a melodic mist before haring off at a frantic pace; jerky, angular art-rock riffs dance with a relentless, inescapable Krautrock indebted rhythm as the hypnotic swirl of guitars, hazy atmospherics drone of psychedelia closes in. A hypnotic and captivating track, of epic proportions. ‘Paracusie’ is less of a freewheeling juggernaut as it tiptoes its way through an elegant and dreamy world of escapism, drifting with a weightlessness punctured only by bouts of stabby, jerky guitar work. A warm brew of beautifully hewn layer upon layer of shimmering guitars and spacey atmospherics. ‘Aquafan’ meanwhile falls somewhere between the previous two, blending a hypnotic escapism with mellow undulating vibes while it purrs with a flair for psych-pop and the bite provided by a rough-and-ready DIY approach to indie meets post-punk.

Sang in Italian, Rubra’s output offers a magical escape to a world of drifting dreamy atmospherics with exuberant proto-punk tones and free flowing experimental excursions thrown in for good measure.

Tune into some choice cuts below and if they are to you liking, you can find much more of the same here.

Introducing: Sloan Peterson


Sloan Peterson aka Joe Jackson is an Australian singer-songwriter who has been making music in her native Sydney since the age of 16, but introduced herself under the Sloan Peterson moniker with a superb self-titled EP last summer.

Peterson’s sound and the EP is a modern love letter to ’50s guitar pop and garage rock, led by the super-infectious ‘105’. An addictive piece of perfect guitar-pop, ‘105’ is ushered forward through a mild haze of fuzz by shimmering synths, psych-infused pulse, irresistible riff and popping beat; with beautiful, faintly hazy vocals hovering above the bouncy, infectious and popping sounds beneath. One year on and Peterson is back with an equally tuneful new single ‘Our Love’. Less urgent, it takes its own time as Peterson pushes her flair for hazy pop into more dreamy, celestial realms.

Carefully dipped in psychedelic flavours, ‘Our Love’ moves along with a dreamlike aura as it tips along a tidy drum beat submerged in an entrancing sea of syrupy sweet melodies, shimmering guitars and swirls of lush, sun-drenched atmospherics with Peterson’s coolly delivered, reverb-laced vocals floating on top. A colourful, imaginative and entrancing slice of psych-pop perfection.

There a couple of choice cuts from Sloan Peterson below and if they are to your liking, there’s plenty more where that came from over here.

Strange Cages – ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’


Madcap Brighton trio Strange Cages introduced themselves and their frantic psych/garage rock sound with a series of stellar singles and EP last year.

The trio are at it again, returning with another six-track EP, entitled Silver Queen, and is expected on September 28th, 2018 on Vallance Records. The EP’s concept centres around the story of a fictional cult leader of the same name, and is previewed by the completely off-the-wall, ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’. It is a scintillating psych-rock odyssey that opens with a frenzied barrage of garage noise and continues on its merry madcap way at breakneck speed, unleashing an outlandish energy and wiry, psychedelic wig out. A multi-faceted three and a half minutes of melodic mayhem and psychedelic rock explosion, it will truly take your breathe away.

Listen to ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’ below now and check out the equally memorable and wild video, and of course, keep your eyes peeled for the new EP later this month.

Spirit Award – ‘Supreme Truth’


Seattle-based psych-rock trio Spirit Award are preparing to release new album Muted Crowd in the autumn, the follow up to 2017’s Neverending.

Ahead of he forthcoming record, the trio have dished out a tasty preview in the shape of melodic and breezy whirlwind of noise that is ‘Supreme Truth’. A hazy offering of exhilarating, overpowering and ever expanding warped psychedelia, ‘Supreme Truth’ unleashes a spiraling, focused energy that whizzes through darkness and light, juxtaposing one another amid an entrancing kaleidoscopic lens of sprawling guitars, hazy distortion and warm fuzz punctured mildly by stabs of guitar jangle. It is a magical off-kilter patchwork for the ethereal vocals to leave their mark.

A sizzling, spectacular taster of what may be in store on new album Muted Crowd – until then, time to get acquainted with ‘Supreme Truth’.