Loyal Lobos – ‘Burn’


Colombia-born singer/songwriter Andrea Silva, otherwise known as Loyal Lobos, has finally released her debut EP under this moniker, The Fall.

Now based in Los Angeles, Silva crafts compelling, alt-pop songs – with more than a hint of folk/Americana – imbued with a hazy melancholy and rich melodic purr that makes you privy to every iota of emotion. ‘Burn’ is the latest single lifted from the aforementioned EP and captures heart-achingly beautiful and intimacy that runs through the record. ‘Burn’ is a dreamy journey through transfixing hazy textures and moody, dreamy and somewhat gloomy atmospheres as we’re treated to Silva’s intimate, poetic lyricism which are delivered with stirring and commanding craft. ‘Burn’ is all kinds of wonderful – it captivates, evokes emotion and thrills in equal measure.

Listen to ‘Burn’ below – and you can listen to the EP here.

Mxmtoon – ‘I Feel Like Chet’


Armed with just a ukulele and her voice, mxmtoon – the work of Oakland-based Maia – has been winning hearts and turning heads with her enchanting bedroom-folk sounds since 2017.

Latest single “i feel like chet” is cut from the same cloth; gifting a charming, breezy and bewitching ode to legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Bake. The 18-year-old Oakland artist gifts us a moving, sincere and simplistic gem with her gentle ukulele and glockenspiel playing, folk-enriched style bringing a personal story to life. This stripped-back approach allows for her nonchalant, yet vulnerable voice to fill the space beautifully, rendering the listener powerless to resist its powerful emotional pull.

Give mxmtoon’s “i feel like chet” a first listen below.

Michael Thomas – ‘Reality’


Michael Thomas is an Australian-born artist based in London who explores folk-infused pop music.

Taking influence from the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and The National among others, Thomas blends these styles and influences, putting his own stamp on it to whisk something new. For his latest release ‘Reality’, a first under his own name, he is ably assisted by Jim Macrae (Jordan Rakei) on drums and Dan Bowery on bass as we are introduced to a world of slinky, washed-out psych-pop. It is a tantalising tune splashed with fuzzy guitar, warm synth, full of hooks and dreamy vocals, and dripping with melody. It is an overwhelmingly endearing, chic blend of truly beautiful textures and rich sounds and beautiful atmosphere, yet one tinged with an overwhelming sense of melancholy. This elegant backdrop proves a wonderful and perfectly suitable surrounding for the lilting croon to blossom and leave its indelible mark. If the subtle groove doesn’t get you, the irresistible hooks and melody will.

Listen to ‘Reality’ below now:

Incoming: A Quick Chat with Badhands


Badhands is the musical project of Dublin songwriter and musician Dan Fitzpatrick.

Badhands began as a collaborative project with producer and bass player Tom Cosgrave (The Minutes), then quickly evolved and expanded with the enlistment of multi-instrumentalist Aoife Ruth, drummer Ken Mooney, and engineer Chris Barry.

Following a couple of beautiful singles – ‘Waves’ & ‘Let Me In’ – Badhands released stunning debut album Predictable Boy earlier this month. A captivating collection of vivid, textured songs that range in tone between dark and brooding to frantic and energetic, with moments of stirring euphoria weaved in to the mix. With a strong focus on lyrics and vocals the album echoes at times the likes of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, and Villagers. A beautifully intimate record that captures the imagination and enthralls the listener.

As part of the album’s tour, Badhands will be playing a Broken Home show on Saturday, November 25 in Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow. Tickets are €5 and limited so please secure in advance (A return bus will be organised from Newbridge to Dunlavin for anyone interested). Details / Tickets are here.

Ahead of the weekend’s show I caught up with Dan, to chat about the project, touring and all things music.

Tell us a little bit about ‘Badhands’. How did it come about? And what is the inspiration/focus of the new project?

The project began a couple of years ago when I started doing some recording with Tom Cosgrave, who produced this record and plays bass in the band. I had plenty of songs but no real plan. So It started out fairly aimlessly at the beginning, recording a few solo tracks sporadically with just me and a guitar. But after a while we began to feel like we were hitting on something interesting. We gradually started working towards an album, building up the sound more and more with the involvement of Aoife Ruth, Ken Mooney and Chris Barry and the operation sort of took off fairly organically from there. We wanted to make something really textured, atmospheric and interesting sounding, but still trying to incorporate the energy of a rock n roll band.

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Toledo – ‘Bath’


Revolving around Brooklyn-based pair Dan Alvarez and Jordan Dunn, Toledo have shared a brand new single called ‘Bath’.

‘Bath’ will take its place on Toledo’s debut EP, HotStuff, penned in for release early in the New Year, and follows a similarly mellow, undulating trajectory as previous single ‘Hot Stuff’. It is laid-back, dreamy and melodic folk augmented by gently chiming guitar, bubbling synth and flourishes of soft drums that bring us to a spellbinding world of elegant, melodic and crystalline indie-folk tones. The hushed, somewhat sombre vocals grow as it progresses, bringing with it a warmth that a swells brighter until the end. This is a mellow, atmospheric and wonderful world of folky allure – an absolute treasure. Enjoy!

Listen to ‘Bath’ below now and keep an eye out for the EP in the near future.

Victoria Bigelow – ‘Blame’


Nashville/upstate NY-based singer-songwriter Victoria Bigelow has shared a new single ‘Blame’, which is lifted from her forthcoming EP Going Blue and penned for release in early 2019.

‘Blame’ is a stunning, profoundly moving and melancholic yet beautiful piece of heart-aching indie-pop. Bigelow’s hushed, smokey voice strikes a reflective tone, channelling her deepest emotions as she details freeing herself from a toxic relationship. Stripped-back guitars, soft beat, steady shaker, the warm glowing organ hum and seductive 60s-esque melodies collude to create a hazy, floating veneer. This provides a perfect underbelly for Bigelow’s vocals to swell, growing in power, strength and defiance as ‘Blame’ progresses. Deeply touching and utterly captivating, ‘Blame’ ushers us into to the realm of something profoundly honest, beautiful and rather special.

Listen to ‘Blame’ below.

Adam Lempel ft. Amanda Glasser – ‘Echo’


New York-based singer-songwriter Adam Lempel has joined forces with Purrer frontwoman Amanda Glasser for new single ‘Echo’, with beguiling results.

‘Echo’ is a gloriously haunting indie-folk serenade that will have your heart fawning from the first note. A flourishing folk tune that has you under its spell from the first note as a stomping drumbeat pushes ‘Echo’ onward amid the haunting by beautiful atmosphere set by the rough guitar that bubbles/buzzes and the faint but warm, glowing organ hum. Complimented by this backdrop and Lempel’s own vocals, the star of the show is Glasser’s commanding and bewitching vocal performance. Characteristically eerie, ‘Echo’ flickers between beauty and darkness, creating a suitably haunting ambience for Glasser’s stunning vocals to beguile us completely.

Listen to ‘Echo’ below – it does not disappoint.