Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – ‘Neighborhood Cats’


Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt began life in Bloomington, Indiana with the outfit’s somewhat mysterious musician, whose name eludes us was whipping up songs in his basement and bedroom to stave away the late-night boredom.

Now based in San Diego, the outfit has released ‘Neighborhood Cats’, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming new album, Vegas of Feelings, which is expected sometime in July. ‘Neighborhood Cats’ captures their sound perfectly; this is a lo-fi indie-pop sound with a dash of folk, psych and sunshine – with an Elliot Smith, Weezer, and the Beach boys influence helping to shape the sound. An upbeat, bright and chipper riff driven jam, snappy, peppy drums mingle with warm acoustic chords, melodies, riffs, grooves and hooks you could hang your hat on. Catchy, sunkissed and beautiful – it’s great!

Check out ‘Neighborhood Cats’ below & keep an eye out for the new record come July!

Introducing: Badhands


Dan FitzPatrick, formerly of The Last Tycoons & The Mighty Stef, he has returned with his new solo outfit Badhands.

An album, Predictable Boy is in the offing this year, with inspirations drawn from Nick Cave, Arcade Fire, Villagers and Leonard Cohen. As an opening intro to his new solo wares, FitzPatrick released debut single ‘Waves’ toward the back end of last year. Inspired by the experience when Dan and his brother Jamie swam out to sea to scatter their father’s ashes near their family home in Dublin, ‘Waves’ is a flourishing folk tune that will have your heart fawning from the first note. This warm, glowing organ hum swells, much like the sea, to engulf all in its wake but perfectly complimenting the rusticated guitar picks, that bubbles/buzzes in a Johnny Flynn-esque way and FitzPatrick’s wistful vocals.

A truly beautiful and compelling single, followed more recently by equally endearing ‘Let Me In’. The latest single tells the tale of a late night misadventure as the bluesy guitar and lush string arrangements give the song an ethereal ambience, richly bubbling away, building constantly in intensity to a pulsating finish. The mood is perfectly captured by Jamie Fitzpatrick’s eerie video, filmed at an abandoned farm near Stradbally, Co. Laois.

Dan FitzPatrick’s work with The Last Tycoons & The Mighty Stef is/was sublime and his solo work is of a similar high standard. As a side note, he was exceptional supporting Jeffery Lewis in Newbridge recently so between that and singles ‘Waves’ & ‘Let Me In’, we’ve a lot to look forward to with his forthcoming debut LP.

Listen to ‘Waves’ & ‘Let Me In’ below now:

Blackaby – ‘Georgie Wants A Garden’


‘Georgie Wants A Garden’ is the sunny new single from Blackaby, a London trio fronted by William Blackaby and released through the Record in Peace label’s, RIP Introduces series.

The series, now on its second volume, shines a light on emerging artists and collecting them for an end of year vinyl compilation; the latest, as we said, is ‘Georgie Wants A Garden’. It is a three-minute outpouring of good vibes as heavenly harmonies ebb and flow over the gentle guitars and soft, almost brushed percussion. The trio’s take on ’60s inspired folk-pop is divine, with a loungey, lazy-day feel and shimmering, sunkissed glow making for an irresistibly lush tune as it skips on by. An absolute delight!

Listen to ‘Georgie Wants A Garden’ below. Volume 1 of the RIP Introduces series is here too.


Izaak Opatz – ‘Got To Me Since’


By day, Montana native Izaak Opatz works with the National Parks but by night, he is proving a genial musician and songwriting talent.

His new single, ‘Got To Me Since’ is lifted from Opatz’s forthcoming album, entitled Mariachi Static, which is being re-released on Mama Bird Recording Co. on 20 July. Built around a simple refrain and embellished with beautiful lyrics and an utterly charming country soul vibe, ‘Got To Me Since’ is ridiculously catchy and endearing. This is soulful country, dripping with melody and has an air about it that encourages a singalong and while this ode to infatuation is constantly skirting on the edge of being cliched but without ever being cliched, ultimately it’s got a real feel-good vibe that will put some pep in your step and paste a smile on your face. A jaunty little Americana meets country soul tune with a very sunny and absolutely lovable disposition.

Tune into ‘Got To Me Since’ below and keep an eye out for that album.

Kelan Galligan – ‘Snowball’


Kelan Galligan is a singer songwriter from Derry with a precise ear for folk stylings.

The Maiden City musician has returned from a lengthy absence from music – enforced by the life’s little stumbling blocks – with new material ahead of an album he’s working on fellow Derry native and producer, Eoin O’Callaghan. Galligan’s return has been heralded by the smooth finger-picking tune ‘Brightens Me’ and latest single ‘Snowball’, two fine examples to why we should be glad he has chosen to come back. ‘Snowball’ is a beautiful song with a soothing warmth. Stemming from gentle acoustic picking with soft, lilting vocals delivering pleasant poetic lyrics and subtle backing strings, which swell, complete the sound. It is a beautiful, dreamy sequence that upon repeated listens reveals greater and greater rewards.

You can listen to ‘Snowball’ & ‘Brightens Me’ below, and keep an eye out for news on that album.