Beev Rations – ‘Mystic Lover’


Based in Santander, Northern Spain, Beev Rations is the musical alter-ego of Alan James, a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, with a loving flair for psych-tinged, country & western flavoured folk jams.

Beev Rations introduced his wonderful wares with single ‘The Bigger Tricker’ – which as far as introductions go, you couldn’t ask for more. James’ latest ‘Mystic Lover’ is similarly lovable and in under two minutes, it waltzing its way into your heart with an old-word charm and rootsy blend of Doo Wop, Blues and Country. Filled with warmth, the vocals (and indeed the song itself) swoons with joy as the clip-clop percussion meanders through Everly Brothers-esque heavenly harmonies as guitars twang, shimmer and sparkle. There is something extremely familiar but different and original, brought no doubt by James’ unique and peculiar touch.

‘Mystic Lover’ is warm, charming and hard to resist – an incredibly heartfelt bundle of joy!

You can listen to ‘Mystic Lovers’ below now & if that is to your liking, there’s plenty more where that came from, over here.

Lauren Ruth Ward – ‘Sheet Stains’


Baltimore bred, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Lauren Ruth Ward, started 2018 on the front foot, releasing her debut album Well, Hell.

The latest track lifted from the album is ‘Sheet Stain’ and we find Lauren Ruth Ward in fine but a little rowdy and loud, form. It is a swaggering slice of americana soul, with its loose swing, stomp and jangly guitar hooks. The rolling and rumbling and rowdy combination provide the energy and propulsion, while Ward’s smokey vocal, casual yet compelling, is given space to breathe. With its rowdy aggressive tones, swing and swagger, ‘Sheet Stain’ makes for a brilliant, catchy and compelling song.

Listen to ‘Sheet Stains’ below and if you like what you hear, Lauren Ruth Ward’s debut album Well, Hell is available here.

Born in October – ‘No Friend of Mine’


Based between Sydney and Nundle NSW, Born in October are indie/folk lovers Rachel Webster (vocals, guitar, ukulele & tambourine) & Matt Thomson (vocals, guitar).

The pair’s love of indie/folk has had beautiful and beguiling results, as evidenced their recently released debut EP, Running in Bare Feet. The latest taste of their deliciously irresistible indie-folkish jangle is ‘No Friend of Mine’ – whisking us far, far away, over mountain streams and spacious valleys. Perfectly intertwined and emotive harmonies, mingle graciously with wistful finger picking and splashes of delicate rhythms, and all coated in an alluring veneer of classic ‘60s/’70s pop melodies. This beautiful and meticulously pieced together popcraft is brushed aside, and complimented, by some fleeting moments of mild but delightfully lush psych-sonics and guitar twangs coming to the fore. An utterly divine creation of rather splendid allure.

Tune in to ‘No Friend of Mine’ below and while you’re at it, why not check out the debut EP, Running in Bare Feet over here?

Mt. Joy – ‘Dirty Love’


Philadelphia-based indie folk outfit Mt. Joy will release their debut self-titled album in March on Dualtone Records

Ahead of its release, Mt. Joy have shared ‘Dirty Love’, the band’s sixth single, which enhances their rep for their richly textured, minimalist and expansive brand of Americana – and anticipation for said record. ‘Dirty Love’ strikes a brooding, emotional tone as a solitary ukulele leads us in, met by Quinn’s deeply affecting vocals, all-consuming bass and whimsical mash of folk-pop instruments. Marked by protruding doubt through, the clamour of sound grows manic toward the end, climaxing as a piercing guitar spikes, conjuring further depth to Quinn’s deprecating thoughts. A powerful, emotionally charged and deeply affecting song; shrouded by a richly textured indie folk blanket, the vulnerability of ‘Dirty Love’ drawing the listener under its spell.

Listen to ‘Dirty Love’ below & keep your eye out for Mt. Joy’s self-titled debut, out on March 2.

Tia Gostelow – ‘Giants’


18-year-old Australian singer-songwriter Tia Gostelow and her indie folk / pop stylings, have built up quite the reputation in her homeland and for 2018, she is kicking off with the release of her debut EP, Status Anxiety.

Ahead of the aforementioned EP, Gostelow has shared ‘Giants’ and it is a doozy. It gently canters along with a tender tone built on dreamy guitar lines, peaceful melody as the vocals swish and swoon, through smokey to ranges of falsetto with a bristling blend of innocence and defiance in the face of adversity. Joined by keys, tripping percussion and angelic harmonies, it leads to a truly triumphant climax of idyllic peace and beauty. This peaceful but stirring indie folk gem is a joy to behold.

You can listen to ‘Giants’ below, lets hope Gostelow’s Status Anxiety EP isn’t far behind it.