Introducing: The Orange Kyte


The Orange Kyte is an experimental music project with an admirable manifesto to release a single a month, throughout 2016.

The brainchild of Vancouver-based, Dublin-raised Stevie Moonboots (House of Dolls & The Subterranean Satellite Band), along with a revolving cast of collaborators and cohorts, promise sonic explorations in sound. Drawing heavily from a love of ethereal tones, fuzz, reverberation and all things psychedelic, they deliver just that. Debut single ‘Morning Pages’, featuring Chris van der Laan of Vancouver punks Wars, is a woozy, dreamy & hypnotic, shoegaze tinged brand of psych-rock, all shimmering guitars and hazy vibes. As far as opening gambits go, this ranks pretty damn high. It’s going to be very intriguing (and rewarding, hopefully) to track the continuous evolution of The Orange Kyte project.

You can check out The Orange Kyte’s debut single, ‘Morning Pages’, below now. And track the progress of the project here, too.



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