Girls Names – ‘Reticence’


In March Irish post-punk outfit Girls Names returned with their first new material since their sublime 2013 LP, The Next Life.

This welcome return was heralded by ‘Zero Triptych’, a spectacular and engrossing eleven-minute whirring post-punk master class, which seemed for all intents and purposes, as a stand alone release. However, recently Girls Names have revealed they will release their third album, Arms Around a Vision, in October through Tough Love. The first taste is ‘Reticence’, lurking further in the shadowy darkness than ever before, it is simultaneously stunning and savage. Opening with a clamour of discordant sounds before seamlessly hitting it’s dark and morose post-punk groove. Brimming with a sneering attitude, discordant guitar sounds, agitated rhythms and shimmering electronics, it is a memorable and arresting listen and certainly bodes very well for third record.

Arms Around A Vision will be released in October. For now though, you can stream the magnificent ‘Reticence’ below.

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