Melts – ‘Skyward’


What do you get when you bring ex-members of Ghost Estates, The Things, The Mighty Stef and The North Sea? The answer, Melts.

Melts are a freshly formed psych-leaning rock band from Dublin, comprised of members from some of the finest bands to emerge from the Capital in the last decade. With just a few select number of shows in their short existence they set off for the Meadow in Wicklow to record their debut single with Irish duo The Deaf Brothers. The result is ‘Skyward’, the band’s first single, is propelled by a hypnotically repetitive post-punk guitar and synth line flux. It is a tune that doesn’t mess about, it means business with its relentless, powerful drive and meaty, bassline groove chugging ever onward, burrowing inside inside your consciousness. As far as opening introductions go, they don’t come much bigger or better than this.

Listen to ‘Skyward’ below now.

New Half Man Half Biscuit LP Due In May; Share ‘Alehouse Futsal’


As reported elsewhere, Half Man Half Biscuit will be releasing their difficult fourteenth album in May.

Rather snappily titled No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut, the album contains 13 tracks (lucky for us) and is previewed by taster ‘Alehouse Futsal’. A storming sub-two-minute album opener, ‘Alehouse Futsal’ does the job of assuring all and sundry who have been waiting close to four years for a new album that HMHB remain brilliant, unique and essential. Musically, it’s pretty familiar, like pulling on your favourite, most comfortable shoes but it’s clear that the Wirral’s most famous sons are losing none of their allure with age; their sound is as sharp and spiky as ever and if anything, they sound more irked and snarky than usual – which is saying something. Like any HMHB fan, news of a new record is a time of celebration, so needless to say its May 18 release date can’t come quick enough.

Listen to ‘Alehouse Futsal’ below now. No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut is out via Probe Records on May 18.

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Down The Middle – ‘Green Eyed’


‘Green Eyed’ is the energetic debut single by Sydney-based Indie outfit Down The Middle.

Their sound falls somewhere between classic 80s indie and post-punk, with an abundance of gritty guitars, driving drums and bass and soaring vocals. From the off, ‘Green Eyed’ does not waste time in giving you a notion of what Down The Middle do best. Racing along like a thoroughbred – this is one for those of you with a soft spot for pneumatic rhythm guitar jams. It’s a rocking, anthemic, catchy and damn infectious tune. In fact this all pretty straightforward; if you enjoy the sound of a rhythm guitar being played at a furious pace with the rhythm section in tight lockstep then ‘Green Eyed’ and Down The Middle are the right fit for you.

‘Green Eyed’ is below now for your listening pleasure and hopefully there’ll be a similarly sublime single following along rather soon too.

St. Tropez – ‘Down’


Amsterdam’s St. Tropez will release their second album later this year, and have shared a new single ‘Down’, a track they call “both a chaotic ode and a political indictment to destruction”.

The quartet’s new record follows their 2016 self-titled debut album and Debate EP a year later – and the new single provides a more than compelling case for excitement. ‘Down’ is a visceral cut of meaty post-punk. Pummelling drums usher in a scorching riff and monstrous bass, before a serious groove and ear for a sing-a-long chorus takes over. All of this is accompanied by an ominous aura of threatening menace while remaining weirdly, but supremely infectious. A powerful and compelling tune, and on that’s been on constant rotation in recent days.

You can check out ‘Down’ below now – just one other recommendation, turn it up LOUD.

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Introducing: Adwaith


I fear I’m destined to repeat myself over and over but for a relatively small place, Wales truly produces a staggering amount of stellar music. The latest addition to ever growing list is Adwaith, an experimental post punk three-piece from Carmarthenshire, consisting of Hollie Singer (vocals, guitar), Gwenllian Anthony (bass, keys, mandolin), and Heledd Owen (drums).

The trio recently released double A-side single ‘Fel i Fod’ / ‘Newid‘ through the very fruitful Libertino Records, which captures the essence to why you will be better for letting a little bit of Adwaith into your life.

‘Fel i Fod’ is a tender, inward searching affair with a foreboding aura of fear and marked with a melancholic mood. With its gorgeous subdued keyboard washes, chiming bright guitars, and stunning vocal harmonies, ‘Fel i Fod’ is simultaneously delicate, yet bold and confident, as the sense of fear subsides and trounced as it reaches its crescendo.

‘Newid’ on the other hand, is a harder edged, meatier and energetic proposition. Fueled by clattering post-punk chords and pulsating bass, it flits between darkness and light, and in continuity with ‘Fel i Fod’ there is an overwhelming and resounding feeling of defiance and hope. Over two tracks, sang in their native Welsh, you’ll be get a flavour of this trio’s spectrum of pristine but biting indie-pop to shuffling, lightly pulsating post-punk.

Powerful, beautiful and very special indeed – whatever 2018 has in store for Adwaith, it’s going to be interesting keeping an eye on, beginning with double-A single, ‘Fel I Fod/Newid’. Tune in below:

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