Tomorrows – ‘Another Life’


Tomorrows is a new project featuring members from Biggles Flys Again, The Chapters, Jethro Pickett and Woodheart, which takes its inspirations from a mix of prog, psychedelic and folk music of the ’60s and ’70s.

The first track to be released by the band is ‘Another Life’. It not only showcases how fantastically difficult it is to define their sound as any genre or other, given the broad array of styles at play but also that they found that sweet spot, a common ground between the array of influences and musical stylings that make up the band. Blending parts electronic, psych-pop and hazy krautrock, glorious vocals soar above a mist of wonderfully lush, shimmering, swirling textures, propelling beats and pulsing synths. It’s a harmonic, inventive and sprawling mix drowsy psychedelia, which brings to mind some sort of Death In Vegas / Paul McCartney & Wings (circa Band On The Run) crossover. An overwhelming addictive listen that will have you reaching for the repeat button time after time. This is one of the finest songs you’re likely to hear all year. Utterly sublime.

‘Another Life’ is a genre-defying marvel that offers an exciting and enticing introduction to Tomorrows, I for one can’t wait for more. There’s an EP on it’s way this May. Until then, behold, it’s ‘Another Life’.

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