Introducing: Setline


Setline, real name Steve Cash, is an Irish Electronic Musician, from Dublin.

Self-recording, producing and performing all the comprising elements in his home studio, he recently released a five track debut EP, These Thieving Streets. Encompassing a wide ranging blend of instrumentation, incorporating varying elements of acoustic and electronic performance, with digital a dash of manipulation; the outcome of which is simply gorgeous. Linking an airy whoosh, rhythmic surges and melodic hooks with the some understated electronic beats to create rather chilled, tranquil dance tracks. Taking all the aforementioned fragments, ‘Speckled’, his pièce de résistance, is a gentle, twinkly and breezy tune which harnesses some sumptuous strings and harp, that work ever so well with the electronic beats. ‘Are We Broken’ meanwhile, is built from a woozy base of squelchy sounds and some light keys, and it sees an injection of increased energy into this mix of understated tranquillity. A fine introduction indeed, and in other news, currently, Setline is studiously writing and recording a debut album, which will be released in 2015.

You can sample some choice cut from These Thieving Streets below or

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