KA-TYA – ‘Beautiful Faces’


KA-TYA is Soviet-born Australian artist and musician living in NYC, who flagrantly and playful defies genres, skipping boldly from haunting, synth-driven ballads to joyfully irreverent quirky-pop.

The latest single to emerge from KA-TYA is ‘Beautiful Faces’; a supremely catchy and glorious piece of indie-pop perfection. A happy-go-lucky breakup song imbued with joyfully irreverent quirkiness, ‘Beautiful Faces’ is ever so bright, bouncy and catchy while adorned with an unconventional melodicism and theatrical vocal styling. Aside from the unforgettable vocals and alluring array of artistry, the truly irresistible potency of ‘Beautiful Faces’ emanates from the bright guitar-jangle and bouncy drumbeats. You’ll will be hard pushed to uncover a finer, more soul-consuming piece of indie-pop this side of heaven.

If you still in any doubt? Check out ‘Beautiful Faces’ for yourself below now:

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