King Willow – ‘Talk Like That’


Revolving around sisters Amanda and Julianna Salguero, King Willow are San Francisco-based purveyors of sweet indie-pop sounds, or “sister-pop” as they like to call it themselves.

The sibling pair released their self-titled EP in March 2017 and new single ‘Talk Like That’ is the first new material since. ‘Talk Like That’ is pure indie-pop heaven. An upbeat, melodic and irresistibly catchy number brimming with shimmering harmonies, catchy hooks, a seductively addictive groove and toe-tapping and infectious goodness. Harking back to classic tunes of the ’50s and ’60s, this is pop at its finest; rich, harmonious and completely and utterly beautiful.

Listen to ‘Talk Like That’ below now:

Grant Sycamore – ‘Why Oh Why’


Grant Sycamore is an artist and musician from Santa Cruz, CA who not only prides himself on a DIY approach but he is doing something rather unconventional and intriguing.

Later in the Autumn, Grant Sycamore is releasing a new album called Bigfoot Museum; an indie pop/hip hop concept album exploring a coming of age / horror movie inspired story – so that’s the unusual part. Our first insight into this intriguing project is ‘Why Oh Why’, representing the indie-pop facet.

The single oozes with a wonderful charm as it slinks its way casually into your psyche, in an almost slow-mo fashion. ‘Why Oh Why’ is an infectious delight dripping with melody and harmony, adorned with a swooning blend of truly beautiful textures which swell with rich sounds. Amid the meandering laid-back vibes there is an overarching sense of melancholy, no doubt amplified by Sycamore’s heart-strung vocal.

In short; ‘Why Oh Why’ is gorgeous bit of indie-pop – and this being only one half of the party, it is curious to wonder how the hip hop side of the coin will measure up. Whatever the case, this is a wee gem of a tune!

Tune into ‘Why Oh Why’ below:

Mama Kokomo – ‘Valley of Heat’


‘Valley of Heat’ is the second single from Los Angeles-based outfit Mama Kokomo.

It follows their gorgeous, hazy debut ‘Primavera Feel’ and we find the dream pop trio – Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and Dorvin Borman – continuing to embrace their penchant for slumbering atmospherics and psychedelic soundscapes. ‘Valley of Heat’ saunters along a steady, click-clacking beat as guitars shimmer, synth twinkle amid the atmospheric, hazy mist as Michaela’s mellow, breathy vocal adds a final slumbering layer of dreaminess. It is a beautifully dreamy dose of mellow, ethereal and mildly psychedelic tranquility.

Listen to ‘Valley of Heat’ below – in all its splendor.

Wolf Section – ‘Your Face Will Be My Downfall’


Wolf Section is an indie-pop outfit from Hastings, UK – the project of one man, Andy Murrell.

From the confines of his bedroom, Murrell has taken to whipping up some fabulously endearingly rough and ramshackle guitar-pop sounds; something Wolf Section’s aptly titled EP The Bedroom Demos is testament to.

Lead track ‘Your Face Will Be My Downfall’ offers us a lovable three-minute insight to his, and the EP’s charms. A beautiful song – musically and lyrically – it whizzes and fizzes along. Chiming and smile inducing mix of guitar and keyboard noise, a mild dose of delightful fuzz and catchy melodies coalesce while Murrell’s slightly mournful accented brogue endeavours to raise his lyrics to pride of place – emblematic of the song’s stirring and rousing nature. An ever so charming, endearingly rough-and-ready and ramshackle three-minute slice of guitar-pop; like a bedroom-pop version of Billy Bragg playing with The Strokes.

Listen to ‘Your Face Will Be My Downfall’ below and the entire EP can be found here.

Lupine – ‘Tell-Tale Heart’


Formed in 2012, Melbourne garage band Lupine began as the solo project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Thomas James.

The current fully-fledged five-piece took shape after James recruited buddies Dean Tosis (bass), Lily Sawenko (keys), Tom Putland (guitar) and Jake Leahy (drums/production) as it grew beyond its fledgling origins. In the intervening years the band is a well oiled machine and have released two EP’s under their belt and with third on the way.

It is the latter that concerns us on this occasion, or to be more specific, lead single ‘Tell-Tale Heart’. It whizzes and fizzes along with an effervescent energy and you’re immediately sucked in, powerless to resist the tantalising allure of jangly hooks, surf-pop riffs and garage-rock reverb. This is easy on the ear, chorus-drenched and melodic guitar-pop that bounces along on a fast-paced, giddy, skittish rhythm through a playfully infectious and sunny melodies and perfectly complimented vocals leaving us with something that is fantastically infectious and approaching guitar-pop perfection.

You can listen to ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ below – you definitely should, it is fantastic!