Oddnesse – ‘I Used To’


Beginning life as a studio collaboration between musician Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon, Oddnesse is the shared a vision for infectious beautiful music with a dark, heavy groove from two east-coast expats based in Los Angeles.

Oddnesse introduced themselves to us with hypnotic, mellow and colourful single ‘Are You Down’, and the pair are back with another beguiling beauty in the shape of ‘I Used To’. It is a dreamy slice of indie-pop inspired by Utah, White Snake, and Broken Social Scene. ‘I Used To’ is utterly gorgeous. Opening with a slow-burning organ hum, terrific low-key guitar work and heart-strung rhythms, all overwhelmingly imbued with emotion. But it is with the arrival of Arango’s voice that seals the deal, leaving you powerless and awestruck. Sensationally lush and warm, her vocals will cause a simultaneous feeling of melancholic heartache and hopeful optimism. Oddnesse have a real knack for lush, warm sounds, comprised of intricate, layered grooves with catchy melodies and dreamy vocals to top of the hazy dreaminess.

Based on what we’ve heard so far – ‘Are You Down’ & ‘I Used To’ – what’s next for Oddnesse is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

Listen to ‘I Used To’ below – it is quite simply superb.

Kan Wakan – ‘Tuesday’


Over the past few months Los Angeles-based artist Kan Wakan has been slowly revealing pieces of his forthcoming triple LP, Phantasmagoria; outstanding tracks like ‘Still Feather’, ‘I Had To Laugh’ and ‘I Would’ to name but a few,

With each new layer revealed, comes more intrigue and curiousness, especially given the depth of the project seems to never end – and the same can said for the superbly soothing latest single ‘Tuesday’. Featuring Rachel Fannan and Avi Buffalo, it is gorgeous, with gentle orchestration joining delicate guitar as Fannan’s voice hovers and twirls, and finds root in your soul amid the fresh, autumnal meditative vibe. Absolutely gorgeous!

The only downside to be found is that we are still none the wiser to when the forthcoming triple LP, Phantasmagoria will see the light of day, but so long as it does finally arrive, we’ll be fine.

Listen to ‘Tuesday’ below – and while your at it – Kan Wakan’s can be easily found on all the usual streaming services.

Seazoo – ‘Shoreline’


Welsh five-piece Seazoo have released their latest single ‘Shoreline’, the second track lifted from their forthcoming debut album out in November.

Having tracked and praised the North Walian outfit at every opportunity thus far, what more can said about Seazoo? They are one of the finest purveyors of indie-pop on the planet, consistently conjuring up majestic slices of indie-pop bursting with exuberance, fizzing with energy and undeniably brilliant! Latest cut ‘Shoreline’ exudes these many qualities and more. Quirky, catchy, with great vocal delivery, infectious guitar work and synth-skills. Try get through to end of this catchy, upbeat and happy-go-lucky beaut without bopping your head or smiling; impossible. Recorded between a decommissioned nuclear bunker and their home in Wrexham, North Wales, their long-awaited debut LP is out in November, which can’t come quick enough.

For now, treat you ears to ‘Shoreline’ below, and if that is too your liking? Why not sink your teeth into their previous work here.

Sad Palace – ‘Frostbeat’


South Coast of England quartet Sad Palace are gaining a reputable name for their brand of melodic and pristine indie-pop.

With a couple of singles already under their belt, the indie outfit have released ‘Frostbeat’; arguably their best offering yet. ‘Frostbeat’ is an aptly titled glimmer of melodic, indie-pop that glides dreamily through crystalline and glacial tones. Evolving beyond its moody origins, it builds slowly along a delicate yet buoyant piano line until the mellow, melodic and addicting pop swells and swaggers to the point whereby a scorching fuzzed-up riff is unleashed. Smashing into action, it grabs the song by the throat, and thrusting it toward a scintillating finale.

‘Frostbeat’ is out now via Kissability. Check it below:

Freedom Fry – ‘Strange Attraction’


For a long time now, we’ve been bestowing lavish and much warranted praise upon Freedom Fry – and why not?

Over the past few years, the LA based indie pop duo have become serial offenders when it comes to catchy, bright and lovable cuts of indie-pop. And in keeping with this very welcome tradition, Freedom Fry have repeated the trick with their latest single ‘Strange Attraction’. Unbelievably addictive, it sparkles with a buoyant disco vibe and shimmers with a sugary sweet goodness. The summery sheen, catchy hooks and  gorgeous and nimble  gorgeous boy/girl vocal interplay make it impossible to resist its allure and will, no doubt, plaster a smile on your face. A wonderful and utterly divine piece of guitar-pop which sits nicely alongside their previous singles.

Listen to ‘Strange Attraction’ below and if that is to your liking, and it will be, their new EP, Strange Attraction, is out now.