Charlotte & Magon – ‘Yes I Am’


Paris-based duo Charlotte & Magon have an unshakeable skill for crafting catchy cosmic indie-pop; of which their recently released album Lyrical Miracle is littered with.

Following ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ back in February, ‘Yes I Am’ is the latest cut of magically infectious indie-pop lifted from the pair’s album. It is a slick, super catchy and colourful confection of hooks, twinkling synth bouncy upbeat rhythms and bubbly basslines as Magon takes the lead vocals. Whilst remaining decidedly charming, chipper and powered by pop, ‘Yes I Am’ is the most punky of their carnations, brimming with colourful ideas, it brings to mind the poppier side of the ’80s post-punk new wave and will not doubt paste a big smile of your face.

You can listen to ‘Yes I Am’ below & if that is to your liking, new album Lyrical Miracle can be found here.

Velodrome – ‘His Physique’


Velodrome is the experimental project of London-based DIY singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kate Evans.

Evans embraces a charming exploration of baroque vocals, layers of melody & quirky lyrics with a lo-fi, retro aesthetic, as demonstrated with formidable dexterity on debut single ‘His Physique’. It’s a transfixing off-kilter concoction of sweet and catchy harmonies and melodies, with offbeat lo-fi psych-pop that playfully bubbles along with a bouncy charm. Evans’ delivery can be gentle, making her seem like the shyest of characters at times while on other occasions, her compelling baroque vocals sweep in to blow everything else out of the water. There is a slightly bonkers strangeness at play too but this musical whimsy probably wouldn’t resonate so much were it not for the moments of melodic sweetness – but thankfully, both are in plentiful supply. A fantastic opening intro to Velodrome and hopefully there’s plenty more brilliant bouts of offbeat lo-fi psych-pop on the horizon.

Listen to ‘His Physique’ below now.

Animal House – ‘No Mamma’


Brighton-based Australian indie-outfit Animal House have a knack in way of crafting tunes so ridiculously catchy, they get stuck in your head for days.

Animal House have just unleashed a super catchy new single ‘No Mamma’, which similarly to previous single ‘Coca Cola’, is overflowing with addictive qualities. It is a sunny, bouncy and vibrant blend of jangly melodies and immensely infectious hooks, alongside a hugely addictive refrain. While it will no doubt be bouncing around your head for days ‘No Mamma’ is also an absolute joy of sunny, summery bliss that will paste a broad smile on your face.

The good news is, if you like this, the new single is but the first off their project ‘Premium Mediocre’, a project from which the band will release a single every fortnight of this year. So, be ready for plemty more songs of garage-pop goodness, courtesy Animal House.

For now, check out ‘No Mamma’ below.

OMALOMA – ‘Bubblegum’


Beginning with ‘Ha Ha Haf’ in 2016 and ‘Aros O Gwmpas’ and ‘Eniwe’ a year later, Omaloma have carved out special space on the musical landscape with a series of blissful, spacey psych-pop singles.

Omaloma aka Welsh artist George Amor – formerly of now defunct Welsh psyche supremos Sen Segur – has added ‘Bubblegum’ to this burgeoning list of stellar singles.

‘Bubblegum’ is Amor’s first on vinyl, released as a 7″ single and download, it is utterly divine and arguably marks the high point of the project thus far. Sung in English and Welsh, ‘Bubblegum’ is a four minute sojourn to a spellbinding interstellar paradise. It coolly swaggers as it moves on by, leaving us in a dream-like state, with an alluring blend of slinky, synth-pop with psych brush strokes, woozy synth lines and Amor’s soft, soothing bilingual vocals. Instantly lovable, it breezes gracefully by with a seductive soulful underbelly and charm to woo you, so powerful is this that it will have you headed straight for repeated listens.

Tune in to ‘Bubblegum’ below and the 7″ and download can be found here.

No Volcano – ‘M-Ocean’


‘M-Oceans’ is the new single from Phoenix foursome No Volcano – lifted from their recently released third record, Envy in the Valley.

Comprised of Chris Kennedy (drums), Jim Andreas (guitar/vocals), Jeremy Randall (guitarist) and James Karnes (bass), together they appear to have an innate ability to find that sweet spot between pop and indie, so splendidly well. ‘M-Oceans’ bright, infectious and exudes a smiley sense of fun. It grooves along with a joyful swagger, abundance of melodicism and pop appeal as catchy riffs made out of strange chords provide the electrical jolts that zaps an undeniable flair for pop, blurring with a quirky sense of experimentation and eclecticism. In short, No Volcano showcase a brilliance for crafting an immaculate pop song

Listen to ‘M-Ocean’ below and check out the new album here.