Fauna Twin – ‘Edge Of The Coin’


Claire Jacquemard and Wales’ Owain Ginsberg (Hippies Vs Ghosts / We Are Animal) are Fauna Twin, and the pair will release their debut EP next month.

Inventive, gently psychedelic and embracing a flair for the epic and dramatic, it is keeping with the duo’s excellent work to date. Building from a dramatic, chilling opening, ‘Edge Of The Coin’ thaws gradually to reveal a playfully energised blitz of beats, synth and percussion, cut through the atmospheric textures with an uncontrollable sonic groove. With Jacquemard’s crisp vocals soaring high above, it all builds and bubbles toward a rousing climax bristling with vitality, and one that’ll have you reaching straight for the repeat button. A sublime single; lot’s to look forward to from this talented duo.

The Hydra EP is released on 17 November via Crammed Discs. For now, sit back and enjoy all that Fauna Twin and ‘Edge Of The Coin’ have to offer.

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