Introducing: Pale Honey



Pale Honey are indie-rock duo – Tuva Lodmark (guitar / vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums) – from Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Swedish pair released their solid self-titled debut album last month, one whereby their guitar-and-drums combo embraces a concoction of sleazy rock n roll, scuzzy dream pop and moments of reflective beauty. It maintains a distinct, stripped-down and pretty minimalist approach that blows up at will, the onslaught of noise (incl. cowbells, synth and laser-gun sound effects) is diced with the enervated vocals stylings of Lodmark, making for a rather remarkable amalgam. ‘Youth’, ‘Tease’, and ‘Lonesome’ are quintessential of this, and their sound; bass-heavy, sparse percussion and quick bursts of fuzzy guitar, interspersed with splashed of illuminating synth, which fizz and flare unexpectedly. The duo are well equipped with the slower, subtly tender and emotionally charged moments too, of which ‘Desert’ and ‘Sleep’ are testament to. Electrifying, attitude filled stuff indeed. Whether you’re wishing to kick start your eardrums with some high-octane activity or some subtle shades of unleashed emotion, Pale Honey have you covered.

Pale Honey’s self-titled LP is out now via Bolero Recordings/Instant Records (Stream/Purchase). You can sample some choice cuts below.

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