Silverbacks – ‘Fad 1995’

Silverbacks  'Hot Bath'

Dublin based indie/garage quartet Silverbacks, are but a few weeks away from releasing their second album, Hot Bath. which may prove an end of, or new year treat, depending when it arrives.

Their debut album Lotion – released last year as a name-your-price deal on Bandcamp – is rough, ragged and grainy lo-fi garage rock, with wall-to-wall blasts of noise and fuzz. Taken from their forthcoming new record, ‘Fad 1995’, offers an interesting insight to what we can expect. It’s a touch more restrained, introverted and thoughtful (the lyrics in particular). ‘Fad 1995’ retains their lo-fi garage roots, honing and refining their sound with a mix of lethargy and frustration, which is all the better for allowing Dan O’Kelly’s low-toned and world weary vocals come to the fore. A thoroughly enthralling introduction to their forthcoming LP, which is hopefully with us rather sharpish.

For now? You can stream ‘Fad 1995’ below.

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