Nicolas Kluzek – ’95to78′


Nicolas Kluzek is a Parisian born, Dublin-based artist and producer who’s sounds will delight – although not exclusively – the children of the night.

Kluzek’s preference and/or penchant is for downtempo, nocturnal electronic delicacies – as evidenced by late night delight and new single, ’95to78′. It is a late night chill out tune with its peaceful chimes mingling with a mix of pristine, glistening and washed sounds. Beats are precise as the production is pristine, as it sparkles with an effervescence and positive vibe. ’95to78′ the soundtrack of late night contemplative walks in suburbia where street lamps reflect and twinkle in pools of standing water afternoon a cooling, spring shower. This is a majestic track, one that washes over you with ease but also one which will leave an indelible mark on your daily disposition; for the better.

Listen to ’95to78′ below and if that is to your liking, there are more of that ilk right here.

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