Superheart – ‘Satellite’


UK-based musician and producer Luke Batt aka Superheart has already introduced his nouse for comforting and dreamy, electronic synthpop jams with singles ‘Count On Me’ & ‘After Midnight’.

Batt has returned with an equally sublime single ‘Satellite’. Opening with bubbling electronic synthesizers, it conjures up a warm and comforting vibe, instantly whisking one away to a place of peace and tranquility. An ever so pleasant, dreamy and silky synth-pop delight with an effervescent melody and mildly melancholic hushed, velvety tones atop, making for a perfect combination. ‘Satellite’ is the essence of spring, with the sun peaking through to afford some mild warmth amid a cool, crisp but refreshing breeze. And with it, this third and final installment brings to a close, his terrific ‘Flower’ trilogy.

Listen to ‘Satellite’ below now and if that is to your liking, why not try out the previous pair here?

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