Mars Motel – ‘It’s Here Tonight’


Mars Motel spent much of 2017 keep us entertained with a steady release of tidy singles, with each one, seemingly better than the last.

Signing off for 2017, the indie-rock trio from Brooklyn, NY – comprised of Sarik Kumar (Vox & Guitar), Wesley Wynne (Guitar), & Justin Lieberthal (Bass) – delivered their best single yet; ‘It’s Here Tonight’.

A big, bold and epic cut of indie-rock, it draws from melodic elements of ’90s Brit Pop and raw, driving rhythms of the early ’00s NYC rock scene, creating a grand, explosive and cathartic track. It draws your focus with its glacial tones, precisely the crisp, ice-cold vocals which grab your attention like the chill of an arctic wind. A phenomenal tune, epic and immersive, with a frosty, foreboding and ominous atmosphere.

You can listen to ‘It’s Here Tonight’ below & if that is to you liking, why not check out Mars Motel’s other goings on from 2017, here.

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