Introducing: Auramics


Comprised of Kristi Scarvelis and Glen Lee Flynn, Auramics is a psychedelic dream pop duo based in Brooklyn, New York.

Together the pair have struck a perfect and seductive balance between woozy late ’60s psych and pop, contemporary shimmering dream-pop and trip-hop grooves. There is no greater exponent of this majestic fusion than the pair’s thrilling and chilling new single, ‘Founders of Time’. Scarvelis’ crystalline vocals emerge from the murky shadows and cut through a majestic collage of spectral swirls of dark and haunting atmospherics, trip-hoppy beats and shimmering guitar jangle. Calibrated to simultaneously channel parts Broadcast, Portishead and Melody’s Echo Chamber, it is an irresistible and utterly bewitching, beguiling and beautiful record. ‘Founders of Time’s spooky, haunting and otherworldly aura is pertinent, given the time of year it is; regardless, this is one of the finest tracks to be released all year and I for one am completely besotted with it.

You can check ‘Founders of Time’ and its video below, along with ‘Mysterious World’ – and there’s plenty more to sink your teeth into on Auramics’ SoundCloud.


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