Introducing: Bedbugs


Bedbugs are indie/garage trio – Alex Johnson, Kevin Puckett, and Kenzo Cardenas – from Thousand Oaks, CA.

Quite unlike their namesake, which will illicit fear from renters and home-owners everywhere, this trio are charming, chipper and most welcome company. Back in May, Bedbugs released their self-produced debut EP, Alone; packed with upbeat indie-pop sunshine anthems, it’s a perfect companion for the summer months. Exuding vigour, vibrancy and vitality, their mildly distorted garage rock tinged jangle, of riffs and sweet licks are coated in fuzz but it is the pop sensibilities really makes everything shinier and happier. The likes of ‘Orlando’ and ‘How Things Go’ are racey, lively and energetic blasts of full blooded jangle-pop while ‘Bedbugs’ and ‘James Brown’ offer a less frenetic but equally melodic, ridiculously tuneful and utterly contagious, side to the band. Fantastically joy-filled jams from this young trio, that will whisk you away to a happy place, where the sun always shines and the beers are ALWAYS cold, free and plentiful. Cheers!

Bedbugs are currently putting the finishing touches to the follow up to their sublime debut EP, of which you can download here. For now, you can check out some choice cuts below.

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