Foreign/National – ‘Always Blue’


Melbourne five piece Foreign/National added a certain sparkle to our lives with their marvellously lush and sun-soaked single ‘Life Tourist’, toward the back-end of summer last year.

The Melbourne five piece repeat the trick with another shimmering, fuzz filled psych rock gem that is ‘Always Blue’. It’s colourful, sun-soaked and irresistibility joyous, ‘Always Blue’ offers a glimpse into a tropical psych dream world where reverb soaked vocals, distorted guitar and all manner of fizzing psychedelic sounds combine to form a hazily dreamy and warm distorted pop song. There are certain similarities with Foreign/National and compatriots Tame Impala and Washed Out and Unknown Mortal Orchestra too – not bad company to be in mind. Expecting quite a lot from these lot in the future.

‘Always Blue’ is one half of a two-track EP that’s set for release in the not-too-distant future. Eyes peeled please. For now you check out ‘Always Blue’ below.

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