Introducing: Sales


SALES is a collaboration between long-time friends, Lauren Morgan (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Shih (guitar/programming), who have been recording together on and off for years and in September, they released their self titled debut EP.

It is a union that works ever so well for the Florida based duo, and they have quite a knack for inviting and warm, charming and rather beautiful, quirky indie-pop. Consisting of vocal and instrumental improvisation, sampling, subtle electronics, acoustic guitar and wonderfully glamorous vocals; it all makes for a clean, crisp and serenely beautiful sound. It is done with a mesmerising ease and breeze, from the sweetly melodious, delicate and dreamy ‘Get It On’, to ‘Chinese New Year’, sporting a wonderful guitar riff and buoyant melody, it is ridiculously catchy and pretty much irresistible. ‘Vow’ meanwhile, is simultaneously languid, nonchalant and passionate, somehow uncovering a place where all three can co-exist in perfect harmony. As an introduction, not many will rival the sheer splendiferous nature of their debut but one would hope this is but the beginning and there are many more marvellous musical treats to come from this pair.

There are some choice cuts below & you can check out their debut EP in its entirety here.

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