Cinema. – ‘Shapes EP’



Newbridge producer Peter Fleming, one half of Effy and formerly Kalied, is now operating solo duties under a new alias, Cinema.

This name change is more than coincidental or a simple cosmetic exercise. This new guise is marked by a change of tact, with Fleming preferring an eminently brighter and sunnier sound with a less-heavy vibe than before. This fresh approach serves him rather well (not that his previous work was of a reduced quality) and was outlined by his self-titled debut EP, Cinema. He’s followed it up with a new EP, Shapes, comprised of two bright dance tracks; ‘The Journey’ a slinky synth meanderer and The Tale’, which reaches into the realms of Balearic dance sound. In short, two exemplary dance tracks.

You can stream the two tracks below or download the EP for free, from here.

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