Disconcerting P – ‘Driving’


Padraig McCauley has impressed as much as any Irish artist over the past few years – prolific, passionate and prodigious – McCauley’s already amassed a pretty impressive back catalogue, with two quality P Affection albums and four Disconcerting P EPs, and now adds Masks to that illustrious list of releases.

Masks, the debut LP under the Disconcerting P guise, was written and recorded by McCauley in his Naas studio. An album about love, it sees him continue to grow and improve as a songwriter, singer and performer, as he entertains us through a vast range of extensive influences and genre splicing styles. Lead track, ‘Driving’, is a soothing, dreamy and jaunty americana/country tinged number. His words trickle gracefully to paint a vivid depiction of a late night drive through town as his mind wanders to and fro amid the twinkle of street lights and empty shops. ‘Driving’ and Masks are further excellent additions to McCauley’s already impressive body of work, and a fine addition to anyone’s music collection. It is somewhat perplexing however, how someone with such an abundance of talent and dearth of great tunes, can remain in the shadows for so long. Hopefully it is something that changes sooner rather than later. McCauley and his various guises and projects, are deserving of far greater recognition and too be heard by a far larger audience.

You can try ‘Driving’ & ‘Sneaking Off’ out for size below. If they are to your liking, Masks is out now, and you can ‘name your price’ and pick it up from Bandcamp.

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