The Altered Hours – ‘Dig Early’

The Altered Hours 2014  - Photo by Izabela Szczutkowska

It is good times indeed, when psychedelic music is enjoying such resurgence in popularity, as it is these days. And happy days too, to see some psychedelic action emanating from our green and pleasant shores.

Flying the flag for Ireland are Cork psychedelic rockers The Altered Hours, who have kicked off their 2014 with a brilliant new single, ‘Dig Early’. It’s a driving force of winding, freewheeling psychedelic action, loaded with coiled up frenetic energy that resonates with the hard chugging, stabbed guitars, relentless beats and delirious distortion. ‘Dig Early’ ticks all the boxes and manages to be hard hitting and driven yet airy all simultaneously, and importantly offers an exciting glimpse of what mind-melting stuff Altered Hours are capable of.

‘Dig Early’ is out on 7″ with the Cork-based label Art For Blind from April 21st, which coincides nicely with their ‘The Certain Three’ tour next week w/ Myles Manley and Patterns – all the dates are here. For now, check out ‘Dig Early’ and it’s visual partner (filmed/produced by Mary Kelleher, Izabella Szczutkowska and Elaine Howley).

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