Izaak Opatz – ‘Got To Me Since’


By day, Montana native Izaak Opatz works with the National Parks but by night, he is proving a genial musician and songwriting talent.

His new single, ‘Got To Me Since’ is lifted from Opatz’s forthcoming album, entitled Mariachi Static, which is being re-released on Mama Bird Recording Co. on 20 July. Built around a simple refrain and embellished with beautiful lyrics and an utterly charming country soul vibe, ‘Got To Me Since’ is ridiculously catchy and endearing. This is soulful country, dripping with melody and has an air about it that encourages a singalong and while this ode to infatuation is constantly skirting on the edge of being cliched but without ever being cliched, ultimately it’s got a real feel-good vibe that will put some pep in your step and paste a smile on your face. A jaunty little Americana meets country soul tune with a very sunny and absolutely lovable disposition.

Tune into ‘Got To Me Since’ below and keep an eye out for that album.

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