Izaak Opatz – ‘Got To Me Since’


By day, Montana native Izaak Opatz works with the National Parks but by night, he is proving a genial musician and songwriting talent.

His new single, ‘Got To Me Since’ is lifted from Opatz’s forthcoming album, entitled Mariachi Static, which is being re-released on Mama Bird Recording Co. on 20 July. Built around a simple refrain and embellished with beautiful lyrics and an utterly charming country soul vibe, ‘Got To Me Since’ is ridiculously catchy and endearing. This is soulful country, dripping with melody and has an air about it that encourages a singalong and while this ode to infatuation is constantly skirting on the edge of being cliched but without ever being cliched, ultimately it’s got a real feel-good vibe that will put some pep in your step and paste a smile on your face. A jaunty little Americana meets country soul tune with a very sunny and absolutely lovable disposition.

Tune into ‘Got To Me Since’ below and keep an eye out for that album.

Dilemma Season – ‘Fault Lines’


Dilemma Season is the musical alter ego of Vancouver, British Columbia-based artist and musician, Scott Hardy.

Through Dilemma Season, Hardy extricates an undeniable talent for evocative lyrics, the craft of songwriting and Americana-tinged alt-folk. ‘Fault Lines’ is an exemplary example of this as it rumbles, rolls and stomps its way into your heart. An irresistible track, Hardy’s distinctive vocals – sounding world-weary and wise – are first to suck you in, only to be joined by a gentle guitar which is intermittently cut with a stomping beat that eventually surges onward with an electrifying guitar and tidy riff work for an uptempo finish. A wonderful tune, with a hint of rawness yet beautifully crafted music. There’s a touch of Wilco, Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst to ‘Fault Lines’, an that is in no way a bad thing at all.

You can listen to ‘Fault Lines’ below. And if you like that, Dilemma Season’s latest record is available to digest here.

Lauren Ruth Ward – ‘Sheet Stains’


Baltimore bred, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Lauren Ruth Ward, started 2018 on the front foot, releasing her debut album Well, Hell.

The latest track lifted from the album is ‘Sheet Stain’ and we find Lauren Ruth Ward in fine but a little rowdy and loud, form. It is a swaggering slice of americana soul, with its loose swing, stomp and jangly guitar hooks. The rolling and rumbling and rowdy combination provide the energy and propulsion, while Ward’s smokey vocal, casual yet compelling, is given space to breathe. With its rowdy aggressive tones, swing and swagger, ‘Sheet Stain’ makes for a brilliant, catchy and compelling song.

Listen to ‘Sheet Stains’ below and if you like what you hear, Lauren Ruth Ward’s debut album Well, Hell is available here.

Mt. Joy – ‘Dirty Love’


Philadelphia-based indie folk outfit Mt. Joy will release their debut self-titled album in March on Dualtone Records

Ahead of its release, Mt. Joy have shared ‘Dirty Love’, the band’s sixth single, which enhances their rep for their richly textured, minimalist and expansive brand of Americana – and anticipation for said record. ‘Dirty Love’ strikes a brooding, emotional tone as a solitary ukulele leads us in, met by Quinn’s deeply affecting vocals, all-consuming bass and whimsical mash of folk-pop instruments. Marked by protruding doubt through, the clamour of sound grows manic toward the end, climaxing as a piercing guitar spikes, conjuring further depth to Quinn’s deprecating thoughts. A powerful, emotionally charged and deeply affecting song; shrouded by a richly textured indie folk blanket, the vulnerability of ‘Dirty Love’ drawing the listener under its spell.

Listen to ‘Dirty Love’ below & keep your eye out for Mt. Joy’s self-titled debut, out on March 2.

Crooked Cat Adams – ‘Lone Bulb’


Crooked Cat Adams is the musical moniker of Portland-based singer/songwriter, Patrick Barry, who has an undeniable talent for evocative lyrics, the craft of songwriting and brooding and emotive Americana-tinged alt-folk.

And the proof, if proof be needed comes in the shape of ‘Lone Bulb’ opening track to his latest, 6-track EP, 1000 Miles To Cordova. A powerful and irresistible track, it sucks you in with a welcoming glow from the warm organ hum, surging onward with a buzz of electricity and joined by a steady strum of acoustic guitars, stabs of electric and flourishes of brass. There is a perfect connect between the raw yet beautifully crafted music and Barry’s voice, which is simultaneously strong and fragile; he makes you listen to what he’s got to say. It is hard to do it justice with mere words but easy to enjoy!

You can listen to the masterpiece that is ‘Lone Bulb’ below. And if you like that, Crooked Cat Adams’ EP, 1000 Miles To Cordova, is available to digest here.