Pop Cautious – ‘Sunshine’


Pop Cautious is the creative persona of Texas-born and raised singer-songwriter, Tyler Porterfield.

With his latest single ‘Sunshine’, Porterfield brings all the mellow feelings and comforting warmth as we are transported to a place amongst the clouds, for a bout of tranquillity. Creating a powerful sense of relaxation and calmness, ‘Sunshine’ flows gently by, amid a sea of soft lilting vocals, whispering lyrical poeticisms and subtle instrumentation. It is permeated by an air of richness, comforting tranquillity while shrouded in melancholy. ‘Sunshine’ reveals itself slowly, with layer upon layer of slow undulation. It requires a degree of patience, understanding and repeated listens to be fully appreciated. ‘Sunshine’ is a beautiful, simplistic and exudes the warm glow of friendship, and sometimes that is quite enough.

Get lost in the relaxing daydream that is ‘Sunshine’ below.

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