CLAWS AI – ‘It’s Never Enough’


CLAWS AI is a US producer who’s music fuses flavours from downtempo and deep house, to pop and proggy elements.

In doing so, he manages to blur the line between downtempo electronica, spacey pop and prog with an exquisite, sophisticated and lush sound. The latest offering from CLAWS AI is ‘It’s Never Enough’, and it ticks all those boxes.

Sounding like it was beamed directly from the cosmos, this is a wonderful piece of spaced-out and lush electronic-pop with soft-psych flourishes and transfixing vocals, that leave an indelible mark on the soul. Combining cosmic sounds and textures with infectious beat, luscious melody and blissed-out synths and production it pops along, creating something hypnotic as it gently builds until a warm rapture envelopes you and everything else around you. It is all topped off by echoey, dream-evoking vocals, which lend a further chilled and atmospheric ingredient. This is an enchanting, effortlessly smooth soul soothing sound; you’ll be all the better for letting it into you life.

Listen to ‘It’s Never Enough’ below – and there’s plenty more where that came from, here.

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