KLANGPLANET – ‘Memories’


German producer KLANGPLANET – aka Frieder Mollat – is back with another taste of his dusky, brooding house-inspired beats, in the shape of new single ‘Memories’.

Although his output stretches back to the mid ’90s, 2017 and KLANGPLANET marked a personal milestone as he embarked on his solo adventure and the fleeting steps of which, being his aptly titled and wonderful debut EP, Electronic Journey. Back to the here and now, ‘Memories’ continues this fine form with a meticulously crafted cinematic electronic treat.

Retro yet futuristic, this fascinatingly imaginative and richly developed passage portrays an impressive ambience, of an impressive, yet quite dark, vision of the place where dreams and reality coexist. It’s an immersive aural adventure of epic proportions that is vivid and cinematic in scope as we are whisked away on a quest to a place where video games and movies cohabit, rendering the perfect backdrop for the driving beats, kicks, slow-motion builds, epic riffs and synths to combine and create an incredible sense of wonderment and adventure. ‘Memories’ prompts the mind to envisage colourful flashbacks to numerous ’80s action movies and 8-bit adventure games – smooth, cool and feels a little dangerous. It not only unequivocally excels in inducing a severe case of nostalgia but it feels rather forward thinking and futuristic too. All in all, a masterfully pieced together release from beginning to end.

Listen to ‘Memories’ below now, and if you haven’t been introduced to KLANGPLANET’s EP Electronic Journey, it’s available here right now.

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