Oddnesse – ‘Are You Down’


Oddnesse began life as a studio collaboration between musician Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon.

The two east-coast expats had arrived independently in Los Angeles but both shared a vision for infectious beautiful music with a dark, heavy groove and Oddnesse was born – and thankfully so. With the hypnotic, mellow and colourful latest single ‘Are You Down’, Oddnesse casts a beguiling and chilling spell. Laced with slowburning riffs, laden with reverb, propulsive beats and spectral atmospherics, sun soaked melody and spiked with Arango’s mellifluous, chilling cooing – the track is an uplifting and stunning dream pop song. Time to tune in and drift away in this blissful colourful groove.

Listen to ‘Are You Down’ below – it is simply superb.

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