Jón Þór – ‘Stelpur’

Jón Þór Photo by Móa Gustum

Icelandic artist Jón Þór released his debut EP Frúin í Hamborg toward the back end of last year, through Scottish/Polish indie label Too Many Fireworks.

Born and raised in Reykjavík, Jón has been involved with numerous bands that have left a mark on the Icelandic indie scene; including the brilliantly named, power pop outfit Lada Sport. With his new project, Jón Þór whips up incredibly catchy and addictive, jangly, guitar-heavy scando-pop with choruses that get stuck in your head for days – and none more so than latest single (and EP opener) ‘Stelpur’. Predominantly a hyperactive mesh of lively garagey riffs, tempered by irrefutably infectious harmonies and glam-infused and quirky indie-pop sound, ‘Stelpur’ is irresistibly catchy with Þór’s vocals injecting a touching sense of emotion to proceedings. The rest of the EP is tastefully indebted to indie and britpop merchants of the ’90s and transposes an effortless, carefree sense of fun and a remarkably easy listen; admirable qualities. Equally worthy of a meritorious mention is, while performing in his native tongue, Jón Þór provides proof, if proof be needed, music is an international language all of its own.

You can check out ‘Stelpur’ below now & if that is to your liking, the Frúin í Hamborg EP is streaming here.

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